Clifford Cup fixtures out!

Dialog Clifford Cup – Knock-Outs 2019


The Club rugby season has reached its final week of action as the 8 premier teams ready themselves to battle it out for the Clifford Cup in the coming week.

The defending champions Kandy Sports Club will look forward to making it 5 in a row this year in the knockouts too, after a successful run in the League tournament being crowned as champions, earlier this month.

However, losing 3 games in the league will definitely be in the minds of the Kandyans, whilst the three games they lost will UNDOUBTEDLY be replayed and analyzed by the other teams; especially, CH and Havies who are definite contenders for the knockout championship having defeated Kandy in the league fixtures already.

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Police SC would have been a team to watch out IF Emosi Vunivosa was still a part of the squad, however, since he bid farewell to the Cops, Police’s chances of making it to the semis aren’t great. CR on the other hand, looked promising towards the end of the league, as regular skipper, Kavindu Perera made his way back after being ruled out for quite a few weeks.

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The Fixtures;

Dialog Clifford Cup Knock-out 2018/2019
Q/F-1 Rank No. 4 vs 5 15-Mar Friday CR & FC vs Police Race Course 4.00 pm
Q/F-2 Rank No. 1 vs 8 16-Mar Saturday Kandy SC vs Air Force SC Pallekele 4.00 pm
Q/F-3 Rank No. 3 vs 6 16-Mar Saturday CH & FC vs Army SC Race Course 4.00 pm
Q/F-4 Rank No. 2 vs 7 17-Mar Sunday Havelock SC vs Navy SC Race Course 4.00 pm
S/F-1 (W) Q/F-1 vs 2 19-Mar Tuesday W-Q/F – 1 vs W-Q/F-2 Pallekele/Race Course 4.00 pm
S/F-2 (W) Q/F-3 vs 4 21-Mar Thursday W-Q/F – 3 vs W-Q/F-4 Race Course 4.00 pm
Final (W) Semi 1 vs 2 24-Mar Sunday W-Semi – 1 vs W-Semi – 2 TBC  4.00 pm

The knockout stages will be worked out within a span of 10 days and be played in neutral venues.

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