‘C Rugby Carnival 2022’ Are you ready keep up with the Fun?

C Rugby Carnival 2022


An event earmarked as the first tournament that brings together brother and sister schools on to the same pitch, reuniting to share friendship will be unveiled at CR&FC on the 12th of November when C Rugby Carnival organized by Agoal International takes place at Longdon Place.

This year the organizers are trying out the unique approach where 16 boys schools are paired with their respective sister schools in making up the teams.

The tournament will have 16 combined teams of past students from brother/sister schools Royal/Visakha, Isipathana/St. Paul’s, St. Joseph’s/St. Bridget’s, Kingswood/Girls’ High School Kandy, Wesley/Methodist, D.S. Senanayake/Sirimavo Bandaranayake, Ananda/Musaeus, Trinity/Hillwood and Ladies, S. Thomas’/Bishop’s, St. Anthony’s/Good Shepard Convent Kandy, St. Sylvester’s/St. Anthony’s girl’s school, Dharmaraja/Mahamaya, St. Benedict’s/Good Shepherd Convent and Vidyartha/Pushpadana Girls School.

Each team will be allowed two players above the age category of over-25, three players above 35 years of age and two female players from the sister school of the boy’s team. This mix ensures players from different eras coming together and the anticipation and rush of excitement of old comrades to register teams show huge promise for this event.

>> C RUGBY 2022 – Are you ready to keep up with the fun?

The event is organized by AGOAL International, headed by former Isipathana College and CR&FC rugby player and renowned rugby referee Dilroy Fernando. AGOAL International has organized this tournament six times previously with Science College emerging as the winners of the last edition conducted in 2019.

While the teams focus on the action in the field, the fun of course will not stop at full time as the organizers are making sure that the crowds who come in have plenty to enjoy at the C rugby Carnival. with street food, children’s play area, and of course music with popular local brands including Link, Magic Box Mixup, Slipping Chairs and Rugrats and some of the country’s best DJs anyone making way to this incredible carnival are sure to experience a fun filled evening.

Partnering the tournament is Elephant House for food, beverage and ice cream, Daraz, Mobitel, BIC, PickMe, ThePapare.com and FriMi.  ‘C Rugby’ promises to be an unforgettable experience, packed with solid entertainment and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

The tournament draw was held at a press briefing held at Cinnamon Grand, Breeze bar with representatives of the teams drawing for their place in the competition. The games are scheduled to commence at the 2.30pm on the 12th and will be worked out simultaneously in the two pitches at the CR&FC.

Team A Team B Team C Team D

A1 Royal Blue









A2 Ananda


B2 Wesley


C2 Royal Gold




A3 D.S.S. B3


C3 Dharmaraja D3 SJC
A4 SACK B4 Trinity C4 Kingswood D4 STC
Time Pitch Pool Team A Score Team B Score
1 2.30 A A1-A4 A1  Royal Blue A4 St. Anthony’s
2 B A2-A3 A2  Ananda A3  D.S Senanayake
3 2.45 A B1-B4 B1 Isipathana White B4  Trinity
4 B B2-B3 B2  Wesley B3  Vidyartha
5 3.00 A C1-C4 C1  St. Benedict’s C4  Kingswood
6 B C2-C3 C2  Royal Gold C3  Dharmaraja
7 3.15 A D1-D4 D1  St. Sylvester’s D4  S.Thomas’
8 B D2-D3 D2  Isipathana Green D3  St. Joseph’s
9 3.30 A A1-A3 A1  Royal Blue A3  D.S Senanayake
10 B A2-A4 A2 Ananda A4 St. Anthony’s
11 3.45 A B1-B3 B1 Isipathana White B3 Vidyartha
12 B B2-B4 B2 Wesley B4 Trinity
13 4.00 A C1-C3 C1 St. Benedict’s C3  Dharmaraja
14 B C2-C4 C2 Royal Gold C4 Kingswood
15 4.15 A D1-D3 D1  St. Sylvester’s D3 St. Joseph’s
16 B D2-D4 D2  Isipathana Green D4  S.Thomas’
17 4.30 A A1-A2 A1  Royal Blue A2 Ananda
18 B A3-A4 A3  D.S Senanayake A4 St. Anthony’s
19 4.45 A B1-B2 B1 Isipathana White B2 Wesley
20 B B3-B4 B3 Vidyartha B4 Trinity
21 5.00 A C1-C2 C1 St. Benedict’s C2 Royal Gold
22 B C3-C4 C3  Dharmaraja C4 Kingswood
23 5.15 A D1-D2 D1  St. Sylvester’s D2  Isipathana Green
24 B D3-D4 D3 St. Joseph’s D4  S.Thomas’