Air Force & Army dominate Day 01 of Sri Lanka Rugby 7s

Sri Lanka sevens 2022


Sri Lanka Rugby commenced their revamped Premier Rugby Sevens competition today at at Race Course Grounds, Colombo. The opening day belonged to Army SC and Air Force SC as they called all the shots in the Men’s Club segment, while Army SC and Navy SC took command in the Women’s Club segment.

The competition this year featured four segments, namely Men’s Club segment, Men’s Provincial competition, Women’s Club segment and Women’s Provincial competition. These changes are expected to contribute to the upliftment of the Sevens game in Sri Lanka. Here is a look at how the competition worked off on day 01.

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Club Segment

Army Sports Club dominated segment A as they won all three games to top the group, while Air Force also continued on the same path by remaining unbeaten in Segment B.

Two big surprises of the day were when CR & FC lost to Army 28-10, while Havelocks had to bow down to Air Force as the Airmen won the game 21 -14.

Team  Segment Scores Team  Segment
Police SC A1 12 24 Navy Blues A4
Army SC A2 28 10 CR & FC A3
Havelocks SC B1 36 07 West Barbarians B4
Air Force SC B2 14 07 Navy SC B3
Police SC A1 19 21 CR & FC A3
Army SC A2 14 10 Navy Blues A4
Havelocks SC B1 26 21 Navy SC B3
Air Force SC B2 54 00 West Barbarians B4
Police SC A1 07 19 Army SC A2
CR & FC A3 36 00 Navy Blues A4
Havelocks SC B1 14 21 Air Force SC B2
Navy SC B3 21 00 West Barbarians B4

In the Women’s segment, both Navy and Army hammered their oppositions with ease, and it is expected that these two teams will fight it out for the honors in the Women’s Club segment in Day 02.

Team  Segment Scores Team  Segment
Navy SC E1 56 05 CR & FC E4
Army SC E2 41 00 Air Force SC E3
Navy SC E1 41 00 Air Force SC E3
Army SC E2 34 00 CR & FC E4

Provincial Segment

The Newest segment to improve the game of Rugby in Sri Lanka showcased some brilliant Rugby from these emerging teams. The Western Province team was the only team to remain unbeaten as they topped their group.

The Up Country Planters, Blue Whales and Wayamba outfits won two out of their three games as their group had a very close tussle.

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We can definitely expect some entertaining Rugby on Day 02 from these young teams in the Provincial segment.

Team  Segment Scores Team  Segment
Southern Pro C1 22 26 Sabaragamuwa C4
NCP C2 07 12 Western Pro C3
Up C. Planters D1 10 12 Blue Whales- EP D4
Wayamba – NW D2 43 05 Uva D3
Southern Pro C1 05 34 Western Pro C3
NCP C2 00 05 Sabaragamuwa C4
Up C. Planters D1 31 12 Uva D3
Wayamba – NW D2 07 05 Blue Whales- EP D4
Southern Pro C1 22 12 NCP C2
Western Pro C3 27 05 Sabaragamuwa C4
Up C. Planters D1 19 15 Wayamba – NW D2
Uva D3 05 19 Blue Whales- EP D4

In the Women’s segment, the Uva Province team won both of games, while Sabaragamuwa leads the other group at the end of Day 01. 

Team  Segment Scores Team  Segment
Uva F1 10 00 Central F3
NW – Wayamba G1 05 05 CR Blues- WP G3
Uva F1 10 07 Southern F2
NW – Wayamba G1 00 05 Sabaragamuwa G2

Day 02 will begin with the knockout phases of this competition. Sri Lanka’s #1 Sports hub will bring you the action of Sri Lanka Rugby 7s from 8.30 AM onwards, live and exclusively from Race Course Grounds.