Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) named a long list of a squad to train ahead of national XV’s and 7’s fixtures. Forty-one (41) have been named in the sevens squad and eighty two (82) for the XVs.

The Tuskers will play in the Borneo 7s on 17th & 18th March and the world rugby sevens series qualifiers from 7th – 9th April in Hong Kong.

The XV’s team to play from 14th to 20th May in the Asia rugby division one championship in Malaysia.

Kandy center and the highest try scorer in the concluded Dialog Rugby League, Danushka Ranjan is likely to continue his captaincy with the sevens team, where Sri Lanka finished 2nd in Asia in the last year’s tournament.

Sudarshana Muthuthantri captained the XV’s last year, however, there is a likelihood that the league champion Kandy’s captain Roshan Weerarathne would lead the XV’s this year. The national selectors will name this in few weeks’ time.

1Danushka RanjanCenterKandy
2Fazil MarijaFly HalfKandy
3Kanchana RamanayakaCenterKandy
4Jesan DissanayakaProp / WingKandy
5Roshan WeerarathnaS/HalfKandy
6Suhiru AnthonyPropKandy
7Richard DharmapalaUtilityKandy
8Srinath SooriyabandaraUtilityKandy
9Viswamithra JaysingheWingKandy
10Danush DayanUtilityKandy
11Nigel RatwatteUtilityKandy
12Gayan WeeraratneUtilityKandy
13Anuruddha WilwaraWingKandy
14Shehan PathiranaPropKandy
15Lavanga PereraUtilityKandy
16Buwaneka UdangamuwaPropKandy
17Kavindu PereraWingCR&FC
18Omalka GunaratnePropCR&FC
19Tarinda RatwatteUtility/backCR&FC
20Sashan MohammedPropCR&FC
21Anuradha HerathPropCR&FC
22Kavidu De CostaS/halfCR&FC
23Sadun HerathWingHavelock
24Sudharshana MuthuthantriPropHavelock
25Kevin DixonS/HalfHavelock
26Hirantha PereraUtilityHavelock
27Nishon PereraCenterHavelock
28Rohan ThaygarajahWingHavelock
29Mithun HapugodaUtilityHavelock
30Dulaj PereraFly HalfHavelock
31Chamara DabareWingHavelock
32Ganidu LakshanPropHavelock
33Lee KeegalCenterNavy
34Saliya HandapangodaUtility/backNavy
35Thilina WijesingheUtility/backNavy
36Dinusha ChaturangaUtilityNavy
37Buddhima PiyaratneWingNavy
38Chanaka ChandimalFly HalfNavy
39Richie DharmapalaS/halfNavy
40Iranga AriyapalaWingArmy
41Riza RafaideenUtilityPolice


15s  Squad 2017

1Ganuka DisanayakaPropKandy
2Shehan Dimithri  PropKandy
3Gayan Ratnayake2nd RowKandy
4Suhiru AnthonyFlanker/2nd rowKandy
5Chameera SilvaFlankerKandy
6Shehan PathiranaFlanker/2nd rowKandy
7Buwanaka UdangamuwaNo. 8Kandy
8Roshan WeeraratnaScrum HalfKandy
9Srinath SooriyabandaraScrum HalfKandy
10Arshad JamaldeenFly HalfKandy
11Fazil MarijaFly HalfKandy
12Danushka RanajanCenterKandy
13Kanchana RamanayakeCenterKandy
14Richard DharmapalaWingKandy
15Lavanga PereraWingKandy
16Vishwamithra JayasingheWing Kandy
17Danush DayanWingKandy
18Jesan DissanayakaProp / WingKandy
19Nigel RatwatteUtilityKandy
20Gayan WeeraratneUtilityKandy
21Anuruddha WilwaraWingKandy
22Thilina WijesingheFly BackKandy
23Kavindu De costaScrum HalfCR&FC
24Shane SamaddaperumaPropCR&FC
25Tariq SalihFlankerCR&FC
26Tharinda RatwatteFly Half/CentreCR&FC
27Banuka NanayakkaraCenterCR&FC
28Shashan mohamed WingCR&FC
29Kavindu PereraWingCR&FC
30Prince ChamaraF/BackCR&FC
31Omalka GunaratnePropCR&FC
32Anuradha HerathPropCR&FC
33Charana SandanayakaPropCR&FC
34Gayan JayamannaLockCR&FC
35Riza MubarakFly BackCR&FC
37Sharo FernandoFlanker 2nd rowHavelocks
38Ganidu LakshanFlanker/2nd rowHavelocks
39Lasindu KarunathilakaNo. 8Havelocks
40Sudam SuriyaarachchiS/halfHavelocks
41Jason MelderProp/2nd rowHavelocks
42Dushmantha PriyadarshanaPropHavelocks
43Prasad MadushankaHookerHavelocks
44Dulaj PereraFly HalfHavelocks
45Niroshan FernandoFly Half / CentreHavelocks
46Hirantha PereraCenterHavelocks
47Nishon PereraCenter/WingHavelocks
48Rohan ThaygarajahWingHavelocks
49Chamara DabareWingHavelocks
50Ashan DarlingPropHavelocks
51Kevin DixonFly BackHavelocks
52Danushka PereraFlankerNavy
53Supun PeirisFlankerNavy
54Nivanka PrasadFlankerNavy
55Sajith Saranga2nd RowNavy
56Sathya RanatungaProp/2nd rowNavy
57Stephan GregoryPropNavy
58Dulanjala WijesingheHookerNavy
59Chanaka ChandimalFly HalfNavy
60Richie DharmapalaScrum HalfNavy
61Lee KeegalCenterNavy
62Dinusha ChaturangaCenter/WingNavy
63Buddima PiyaratneWingNavy
64Thilina WeerasingheFly BackNavy
65Lahiru LakshanCenterNavy
66Saliya HandapangodaWingNavy
67Mushin FalilCenterPolice
68Joel PereraFlankerpolice
69Radeesha SeneviratneFlanker/#8Police
70Achala PereraHookerPolice
71Charls PraveenPropPolice
72Wajid FawmyFlankerPolice
73Riza RafaideenUtilityPolice
74Iranga AriyapalaCenter/wingArmy
75Ashan BandaraFly HalfArmy
76Manoj De Silva No. 8Army
77Rosa Sampath PropArmy
78Ashoka JayalalHookerArmy
79Charitha SenavirathneCenter/WingAir Force
80Ashok WijeyakumarScum HalfAir Force
81Tharaka WarellaNo. 8Air Force
82Thilina Bandara2nd RowAir Force