CH relieve Manager and Senior Players


It recently came to light that the Club Rugby Manager Anver Jayah and a few senior players in the CH & FC Rugby team have been asked to leave by the Club Management.

Speaking to the Rugby Chairman and Club Secretary of CH&FC Mr. Prashantha Wimalsena explained that the decision was taken since the senior players have been involved in instigating the young players to under perform. He also said that the players and manager also voiced their discontent over the current CH Coach Sanath Martis which was another issue.

A few senior players including Club Captain Indika Udayakumar, Nalin Kumara, Shanaka Bandara, Niroshan Ekanayake and Indika Wickramanayake have been asked to leave the club.

Manager Anver Jayah was also relieved from his position. He is also suspended from Club Membership which will be assessed at a disciplinary hearing.