Schools Rugby Junior games : even affairs at The Royal Complex and Welisara

Singer Schools Rugby League

The first round of the Singer Schools Rugby League came to a close with excellent Rugby been dished out among the junior games as well. This week we saw the Juniors of Royal College take on the Juniors of St. Anthony’s College and the Juniors of D.S. Senanayake go head to head against St. Joseph’s College. The first fixture we saw the Royalist share the glory with the Anthonians and the Dons doing so the same with the Josephians.


Royal College v St. Anthony’s Kandy

Under 13 – Winner St. Anthony’s
Under 16 – Winner Royal
Under 18 – Winner Royal

D.S. Senanayake College v St. Joseph’s College

Under 14 – Winner D.S. Senanayake
Under 16 – Winner St. Joseph’s College