Cricket has always been Sri Lanka’s favourite reason for celebration. The month of March which, we at call #MarchMadness heralds the schools cricket big match season.  Relentless rivalry, age-old traditions, colourful celebrations and the never-ending banter amongst players, old-boys and fans sets the tone for a phenomenal passage in the tiny island.  In the middle of all this there is much-practiced, multi-skilled cricket.

Performance in 2017/18 season 

As the cricket players invoked with warrior status battle for victory with great camaraderie, the atmosphere in the stands amongst the old boys, present boys, well-wishers is always electrified by very-merry papare bands playing toe-tapping, hip shaking and arm waving baila music.

Before all this, flamboyant cycle and vehicle parades light up the roads muddling the traffic rules a bit and school buildings get dressed-up in massive flags for the occasion.  Fans the world-over prepare to descend on the motherland in time for the festivities or plan their match-parties to follow the game and atmosphere live on

The 55th ‘Battle of the Brothers’ played between Thurstan College, Colombo and Isipathana College, Colombo kicks-off the ‘Big Matches’ in the final weekend of February.

The blue-ribbon of all big matches is the Royal-Thomian which will mark its 139th encounter this year, the second oldest, uninterrupted cricket match in the world. The much-famed ‘Battle of the Blues’ will as usual be played during the second weekend of March.

In Colombo, the 84th ‘Battle of the Saints’ between two of the most prestigious catholic schools, St. Joseph’s College and St. Peter’s College will be an exciting fixture along with the 89th ‘Battle of the Maroons’ which is being played by two Buddhist institutions, Ananda College and Nalanda College in the first weekend of March.

The 118th ‘Southern Battle of the Blues’ between St. Servatius’ College, Matara and St. Servatius’ College, Matara and the 113th ‘Lovers Quarrel’ between Richmond College, Galle and Mahinda College, Galle takes centerstage in the Southern part of the island while the oldest match in the hill capital, the ‘Battle of the Maroons’ takes place between Dharmaraja College and Kingswood College for the 112th time.

The oldest big match up in the northern part of Sri Lanka will be in Jaffna when St. John’s College and Jaffna Central College will battle it out for the 112nd ‘Battle of the North’.

Trinity College, Kandy and St Anthony’s College, Katugasthota will celebrate their 101st cricket encounter during the second weekend in the upcountry.
The cricket-crazy towns of Moratuwa and Kurunegala will witness the ‘Battle of the Golds’ between St. Sebastian’s College and Prince of Wales’ College for the 68th year and the’ Battle of the Rocks’ between Maliyadeva College and St. Anne’s College for the 35th year respectively.

From the town of Kalutara, the 60th ‘Battle of the Mangoosteens’ will take place amongst Kaluatara Maha Vidyalaya and Tissa Maha Vidyalaya while the talent-mine of Sri Lanka Cricket – Ambalangoda will host their reputed ‘Big Match’ between Dharmasoka College and Sri Devananda College in Moratuwa in early April.

The newer big matches are being played by DS Senanayake College vs Mahanama College (12th Battle of Gold), Dharmapala College, Pannipitiya vs Rahula Vidyalaya, Matara (7th Battle of the Golden Lions) and Hindu College, Colombo vs Hindu College, Jaffna (12th Battle of the Hindus).

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Big Match Fixtures – 2018

Match DateBig MatchVenue
23/24 FebruaryPiliyandala Central vs Taxila Horana – 17th Raigam-Salpita KoraleMoratuwa Stadium
23/24 FebruaryMahajana vs Skandavarodaya – 18th Battle of HeroesMahajana Grounds
23/24 FebruaryThurstan vs Isipathana – 55th Battle of BrothersSSC Grounds
2/3 MarchSt Joseph’s vs St Peter’s – 84th Battle of SaintsP.Sara Oval
3/4 MarchAnanda vs Nalanda – 89th Battle of MaroonsSSC Grounds
8/9/10 MarchRoyal vs S. Thomas’ -139th Battle of the BluesSSC Grounds
8/9/10 MarchJaffna Central vs St John’s – 112th Battle of NorthJaffna Central Grounds
9/10 MarchTrinity vs St.Anthony’s – 101th Battle of Blues (Kandy)Asgiriya Stadium
9/10 MarchMaliyadeva vs St. Anne’s – 35th Battle of the RocksWelegedara Stadium
9/10 MarchKalutara Vidyalaya vs Tissa Central – 60th Battle of MangoosteenSurrey Grounds
9/10 MarchSt.Sebastian’s vs Prince of Wales – 68th Battle of GoldsMoratuwa Stadium
9/10 MarchSt. Sylvester’s vs Vidyartha – 58th Battle of BabesPallekelle Stadium
9/10 MarchColombo Hindu vs Jaffna Hindu – 9th Battle of the HindusJaffna Hindu Grounds
16/17 MarchDS Senanayake vs Mahanama – 12th Battle of GoldP. Sara Oval
16/17 MarchSri Sumangala vs Moratu Vidyalaya – 66th Battle of the GoldsMoratuwa Stadium
16/17 MarchRichmond vs Mahinda – 113th Lovers QuarrelGalle Stadium
16/17 MarchDharmaraja vs Kingswood – 112th Battle of Maroons (Kandy)Pallekelle Stadium
23/24 MarchLumbini vs Bandaranayake – 5th Battle of the Ever GreenP. Sara Oval
23/24/25 MarchSt.Servatius’ vs St.Thomas’ – 118th Battle of Blues (South)Uyanwatta
30/31 MarchDharmapala vs Rahula Matara – 7th Battle of the Golden LionsUyanwatta
1/2 AprilSri Devananda vs Dharmasoka – 51st Battle of BluesMoratuwa
7/8 AprilSt. John’s vs Ananda Shastralaya – 22nd Battle of Sri JayawardenapuraR. Premadasa


Limited Over Fixtures – 2018

Match DateBig MatchVenue
24th FebruaryLoyola vs Christ King – 1st One Day EncounterP. Sara Oval
04th MarchThurstan vs Isipathana – 38th One Day EncounterP. Sara Oval
11th MarchSt.Sebastian’s vs Prince of Wales – 33rd One Day EncounterMoratuwa Stadium
11th MarchMaliyadeva vs St.Anne’s – 35th Battle of the RocksWelegedara stadium
17th MarchRoyal vs S. Thomas’ – 43rd One Day EncounterSSC Grounds
17th MarchTrinity vs St.Anthony’s – Sir Bernard Aluwihare TrophyKatugasthota
17th MarchSt. Sylvester’s vs VidyarthaAsgiriya Stadium
18th MarchAnanda vs Nalanda – 44th One Day EncounterSSC Grounds
24th MarchSt.Joseph’s vs St Peter’s – 44th One Day EncounterSSC Grounds
24th MarchRichmond vs Mahinda – One Day EncounterGalle Stadium
24th MarchDS Senanayake vs Mahanama -12th One Day EncounterR.Premadasa stadium
25th MarchKalutara Vidyalaya vs Tissa Central – 10th One Day EncounterPanadura Grounds
25th MarchDharmaraja vs Kingswood – 28th Hill Country One Day EncounterPallekelle Stadium
1st AprilDharmapala vs Rahula Matara – 7th Battle of the Golden LionsUyanwatta
4th AprilLumbini vs Bandaranayake – 5th Battle of the Ever GreenR.Premadasa stadium