Sri Lanka safe from relegation in 2020

Junior Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Final Qualifying


After a horrific start to the competition, Team Sri Lanka pulled one out of the hat to secure their place in the final qualifying round for the year 2020, at the Junior Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Tennis Championship.

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The team had a fabulous week of tennis in the pre-qualifying rounds in Colombo and went in to the tournament as the 2nd and final qualifier for the Asia/Oceania continent. At the final qualifiers, Sri Lanka were pooled into the group with Korea, Hong Kong and Uzbekistan.

The team comprising of Chathurya Nilaweera, Thehan Wijemanne and Dhilvan Herath with able captaincy from Sudantha Soyza, found themselves in the bottom of their drawn group after three straight losses in the competition.

Re-directed to the 09th – 16th place play-offs, Sri Lanka went up against China in their first round of matches. China, 8th seeds in the tournament, dominated the opening singles and won the tie comfortably before awarding a walkover to Sri Lanka in the customary doubles.

MatchTeam ChinaTeam Sri LankaScore
MS2Ziheng HeThehan Wijemanne6/4, 6/2
MS1Guanglin WenChathurya Nilaweera6/2, 6/3
MDZiheng He

Guanglin Wen

Dhilvan Herath

Thehan Wijemanne


Tie won by China 2-1

In real trouble, the cubs were desperate for a win against Philippines to avoid playing the bottom two play-off which would automatically relegate them from the tournament for 2020. In the brink of time, the lions pulled a cracker of a win to save themselves from an unfortunate future.

This is turn marked their 1st win at the competition. Thehan Wijemanne and Chathurya Nilaweera played a magnificent couple of matches in the morning to officially win them the tie.

MatchTeam PhilippinesTeam Sri LankaScore
MS2Axl Lajon GonzagaThehan Wijemanne1/6, 1/6
MS1Angil Jay BalaoingChathurya Nilaweera5/7, 2/6
MDAxl Lajon Gonzaga

Edgardo Manuel Angara

Dhilvan Herath

Thehan Wijemanne

6/4, 2/5 Retired

Tie won Sri Lanka 2-1

Next in the draw for the 13th – 14th play-off, Sri Lanka will play their final match against Pakistan which is scheduled to take place today, (13th April).

Earlier in the tournament…

Sri Lanka vs Republic of Korea

Sri Lanka played the Republic of Korea on their opening day and the latter made sure to make it a short stay on court for the Lankans. Taking all three rubbers comprehensively, Korea made a strong start in the competition.

MatchTeam KoreaTeam Sri LankaScore
MS2Hyeondeok YoonThehan Wijemanne6/2, 6/0
MS1Yunseok JangChathurya Nilaweera6/0, 6/0
MDHyeondeok Yoon

Je Won Jeon

Dhilvan Herath

Thehan Wijemanne

6/1, 6/3

Tie won by Republic of Korea 3-0

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Sri Lanka vs Hong Kong

The second day was very similar to the first for Sri Lanka with Hong Kong handing them a whitewash to send them further down the group.

MatchTeam Hong KongTeam Sri LankaScore
MS2Tim Thomas GauntlettChathurya Nilaweera6/3, 6/2
MS1Chak Lam WongDhilvan Herath6/1, 6/1
MDChak Lam Wong

Tim Thomas Gauntlett

Chathurya Nilaweera Thehan Wijemanne6/2, 6/1

Tie won by Hong Kong 3-0

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Sri Lanka vs Uzbekistan

The final tie against Uzbekistan was no different from the rest and the Uzbeks handed Sri Lanka another 3-0 defeat.

MatchTeam UzbekistanTeam Sri LankaScore
MS2Abdurakhmon SaidmukhamedovThehan Wijemanne6/1, 6/1
MS1Maksim ShinChathurya Nilaweera6/4, 6/2
MDMaksim Shin

Samandar Abdumalikov

Chathurya Nilaweera Dhilvan Herath6/2, 6/1

Tie won by Uzbekistan 3-0

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