The self-appointed watch dog of Sri Lanka sports, is a throbbing, realistic and one of its kind medium.

‘ThePapare’ as it is popularly known boasts of unprecedented coverage; live-streaming of matches, out-of-the-box reporting, expert vetted content and vibrant social media platforms dispatching local and foreign news around the globe.

The hallmark of this very home-grown medium is its ability to deliver news spontaneously and in vivid and unstinted detail. Reporting remains statically ethical, and unbiased, always striving to air both sides, taking care not to disrupt the workings of sport in the name of sensationalism. The website possesses links in every sporting unit, be it schools, clubs or national with the information umbrella even extending overseas. 

Passion is at the helm of the TP modus operandi. Run by a group of sports enthusiasts, some sportsmen and women themselves, the reporter’s zeal for sport super-exceeds that of the average media and it is possibly the essence, of’s ability to deliver such robust and insightful news. The team works virtually around the clock and in sometimes dire circumstances. It is the intensity that has made the website such a compelling factor where the fervor of the writer conjugates with the craving of the reader and together draws a pulsating overture.

While previews, game reviews, live streaming, updates, features, analysis, interviews, specialist’s columns are some of the salient features, the flourishing forums and fan involvement adds unequivocal character of ThePapare. 

With an average of 200,000+ hits a month and a daily ballooning facebook membership and other growing platforms,  this tingling web abode has become the pet-portal for the busy sports enthusiast to keep abreast with their favourite sport. A cross-section of Sri Lanka’s everybody from corporate hierarchy to sportsmen and women, administrators, coaches, schoolboys and parents visit the website regularly making it the epicenter for sports in Sri Lanka

Adopting a ‘by the people, for the people’ concept, the crew extend an open invitation to the readers to write articles, send information, contribute and join the quest of putting Sri Lankan sports on the map. is a most wholesome addiction – come get dependent

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The bunch that eat, breath and live sport.

A journey that began with just four crew members has now escalated into a full blown sports unit dedicated to taking Sri Lanka sports to new heights. Here is some insight to them.

Asith de Silva 

Asith was co-owner of the site before the takeover by Dialog Axiata PLC.  He heads ThePapare unit, functioning primarily in the strategic planning of the site.  Blessed with the ability to calmly ascertain facts devoid of grandeur, he often points out the justification of any issue.

With a long back-ground in the field of IT and a B.Sc in IT, MBA &M.Sc (Network Computing) his expertise goes a long way to keep the site afloat and minus trouble; hacking and security issues. 

Asith is a true diplomat; a terrific listener and always gives ear to another’s opinion but quietly makes his own. He gets in the middle of many disputes and disagreements and is the final go-to guy for solutions. His knack for dealing sensibly with all parties is well-acclaimed.

Comfortable in his own skin, he has never being afraid to admit to what he does not know, being more than prepared to learn. He makes no bones about the fact that he is slightly clueless about sports, and constantly gets it in the ribs for it, from his sports savvy mates. 

Ravin De Silva 

Ravin together with Asith were co-owners of the site.  An enigma unto his own self and everyone else, Ravin is in charge of revenue and branding of the site.  His strategies are always forceful and he impresses people with his knowledge of all around him.

Most disruptive at the Management meetings, he somehow manages to divert attention to some completely irrelevant subject. Meetings finish much faster when he is not around but he keeps everyone in splits when he is. 

Ravin has a terrific ability to build partnerships as his form of PR is a strategy by itself and cause for amusement among the team. Has made some enemies for ThePapare categorically telling people what he feels. His marketing is approach is to tell people to take a hike, if they are demanding more than their pound of flesh. Though he is qualified to do so, Marketing is the last thing anyone should allow him to do.

Ever willing, he ends up almost always taking on more than he can deliver but is an eager participant in all big coverage's and is disappointed if he is left out of things, loves to be in the thick of things.

Ganeesha David

As editor-in- chief she is responsible for content and puts her hand into every other area of the site, continuing to be the back-bone of the site. The nag of the outfit; relentlessly pushing to complete tasks, ‘G’ tries her best to keep things organized in a chaotic ‘male’ environment. Writing cricket for over a decade and having contributed to all leading newspapers and websites, she has vast experience in sports media and is the only of her kind in the field.

Her penchant for dramatics is well known and depicted not only in her periodical tantrums to have her way, but in her article headings ‘minnows in a flash’ ‘many a slip between the cup and lip’ etc. Her piece ‘a tale of two friends’ an interesting articulation of the two stalwarts Sangakkara and Jaywardena was picked by Cricinfo as best of the web some years back. The sequel to this was ‘King and his knight’ a description of the duo’s partnership at the helm. However her personal favourite is ‘the man stood on the burning deck’ describing the great Aravinda de Silva in one of his moods. 

Life is work; as her job keeps her on call 24/7 all days of the week. Her biggest challenge has been overcoming the man’s domain – ‘sport’. But following her instincts and donning a very thick-skin has taken her through some very awkward moments.

Dishan De Saa

The go-to man of the site, he is the jack of all seasons!! The Web Master of, he has quickly mastered the expectations of the job  and contributes immeasurably getting involved in all phases.

He watches over every aspects of the website. Technical is his forte and the back-end of the site is his ultimate responsibility.  While his duties cover a wide range with operations, administration & technical, the site back end, live streaming and detailing are his main area. Being the general watchdog while keeping all breast of happenings and changes and handles all TP events.

An ardent cricket fan, ThePapare crew are always versatile because of his fervent for sports. His vocabulary is a perfect copy of popular comedian ‘Chaminda Pusswedilla’ and often leaves the team confused as to what he is trying to say.

Dishan has become the nerve-centre of ThePapare and enough is not said about his contribution towards the site. Sheer passion for sports drove him to take a full time position at 

Hiran Weerakkody - Mr Papare

Hiran is an encrypted name in Rugby photography as ‘Mr Papare’. Having worked both at TP and the SLRFU he is now a household name in the sport. He is a solid cog in the wheel for TP has plunged himself into a robust work ethic getting involved in all photography, graphic and video areas of site. He now functions as head of photography for TP. 

Passionate about sports, Hiran always managed to dedicate a generous amount of time to sports. He was a hockey player at his school St. Peter’s College and although he’s more into cricket he is also a fan of various types of sports such as hockey, football, rugby etc.

His passion for graphic designing and 3D animation grew when he was just a school boy and it prompted him to become a professional creative designer. An avid photography enthusiast, his camera is his constant companion and has captured some dynamic and exciting moments of sporting events for the past few years. 

He has a Higher National Diploma in Multimedia, a Diploma in photography and many other academic qualifications including a Diploma in movie production and direction. 

Hiran’s dearest ambition is to reach the zenith of creative designing and to use his skills and knowledge in future to distribute a strong image of sports to fans and non-fans alike.

Aravinda Ratnayake

Aravinda Ratnayake is the guru of lenses at ThePapare. A versatile photographer, he sets the standards for photography on the site. He is held in high-esteem by the rest and is the automatic choice for all top events. He is technically very knowledgeable and is always ready to assist anyone.

In addition to sports photography he is also a professional wedding photographer who covers functions and fashion. His dedication and passion to the art has brought him many accolades and is a sort after photographer of today.

A full time IT professional, Aravinda also functions as consultant to the technology requirement at TP.

Another ardent field in Aravinda’s curriculum is video.  He will leave no stone unturned and keeps trying to put in order systems for uplifting video standards at TP.

He is an old boy of Vidyartha College. A question in everyone’s mind is why he does not go into full time photography.


Inshaf Cafoor

The youngest member at the time he joined in 2011, Inshaf is ThePapare’s Kandy correspondent responsible for managing a team of 7 and delivering all news from the hill-capital.

A sport passionate, he is a product of Trinity College Kandy. Taking up sports reporting which has been a long awaited dream of his fulfilled. 

He is often questioned by policemen employed in grounds during rugby games as to what he is doing in the field. More often the policemen get offended when he says he has come to report the match and finally has to end up showing his ThePapare ID as proof!

Young and energetic, Inshaf intends to continue in ThePapare team for quite a long time and plans to take up sports journalism as a part time profession in the near future.

Mudith Jayasekara

Mudith joined as a photography intern and quickly climbed up the ranks due to his absolute attention to detail.  He will spare no effort to get the job done. He has steadily and stealthily delivered for TP for some time now and become an important cog in the wheel. He always loves to learn new techniques and emerging standards from the guru’s he meets in the team itself.  Mudith has now escalated himself to a full time carder at the TP assisting in uploading and technical aspects.

Muditha is quiet in disposition but large-hearted, an aspect which lands him with all the work. He is also a serious thinker who likes to explore the modern world through the camera eye. Photographing moments as he walks through life, he is happiest with camera in hand and says he looks at life through the camera and enjoys the beauty of the world in his clicks.

An old boy of Prince of Wales' college, Moratuwa he was an outstanding student in school.  He is also an avid sports enthusiast and loves to try and test new things and believes that gives him experience.

He is following a degree in IT at the University of Colombo and is presently studying for his associate course in networking.  He wishes to go on to a professional level with a goal to pursuing a career in networking.

Sameera Wimalaratne

The man with the big lenses for TP, Sameera is called to cover most Cricket matches; schools , clubs, national.  Having worked with the website for some time now, despite the part time nature, his contribution is immense and his most valuable feature is that he is readily available for work at any time.

Alumnus of Royal College, Sameera holds a Bachelor in Chemical & Process Engineering- University of Moratuwa, and is a full time IT Professional at a highly reputed IT firm.

Having been in the field of Photography for over 5 years, he loves Sports Photography and Wild life. He personally likes any sport which utilizes a racket (Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash etc.) but absolutely loves shooting Cricket matches. 

An easy going guy, not much of a talker,  a twitaholic. Loves to hang out with friends and go on unplanned vacations." says he never intends on taking on Photography as a profession even though his ultimate dream is to be a part of ESPN.

Damith Weerasinghe

Heads the Cricket section of ThePapare and his knowledge of those playing the game of Cricket in Sri Lanka is equalled by none.  He can spout facts and figures on any game played at any level and is the reason he scribes the weekly column ‘around the wickets’  

Former Josephian 1st XI cricketer and athlete turned professional club cricketer Damith is an impassioned Cricket and Rugby enthusiastic. His rugby and cricket reporting is now used as the benchmark at ThePapare as he is equally skilled and knowledgeable at both.

Damith is following a business management degree at the NSBM, but ThePapare is all-out to hold him to full time duty at the website as his contribution to both cricket and rugby has become immeasurable.

His eating habits are a constant source of amusement as he will always have 2 servings of anything but remain skin and bone. His facebook likes is a phenomenon of its own and it’s a known joke in the circle that a photograph of him is a ‘must-have’ in any album to increase likes. 

Navod Wijewickrema

Heading the football section of the site, Navod has single-handedly secured a following for the sport of football on the site.  He together with his team covers every game of the football leagues in the country which is a phenomenal feat not to mention the boost it has given the sport. 

His love for the ‘beautiful game’ ignited when AC Milan met Barcelona in the Champions League Final. Since then he had seen it all from the Treble winning run of Manchester United, The Invincibles of Arsenal, Pep’s Barca, Mourinho’s Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid. He dreams of those magical European nights like Manchester United v Bayern Munich (’99), Liverpool v AC Milan (’05), Inter Milan v Barcelona (’10). He may not have a favourite from the top four but when it comes to the international stage he ‘Bleeds Oranje.’

He represented S.Thomas’ College in Football, Badminton and Chess. He was also an editor of the College Newsletter ‘The Ternion’ and his thirst for sports and current affairs landed him a place in the Quiz Team which won the All Island Championship.

Juggling his two degrees to become a financial analyst, Navod can easily aspire to a full time journalist position in main-stream media. A fervent for other sports, he has a hard time switching between channels to catch multiple sports. If anyone is kind enough to donate him an extra TV he would greatly appreciate it. 

Navod’s liaisons with the Football federation are so strong that his pet name ‘ruki’ is derived from it. 

Saabir Cader

Head of Rugby, Saabir watches over the rugby segment which is a predominant feature of and his knowledge and experience is vital for the robust delivery of rugby on the site.

He has graduated in BA (Hons) Sports Management & Rugby Studies at Buckinghamshire New University (UK) and has a RFU level 2 coaching certificate and have been involved in RFU community coaching and in the London Wasps premiership rugby club in UK. He has also represented the Bucks New University Cricket & Rugby team and captained Zahira College Rugby 7s team in 2005. 

His ambition is to be involved at an elite and professional level in sports coaching/marketing/managing and media.

At the moment his biggest concern is that he is still single, any interested parties may contact us through this medium.

Lelum Mahakumara – Baby boy of

The newest addition to the full-time base, Lelum ‘lella’ Mahakumara joined the site in 2014 and because of his diligence to the task at hand was given in charge of the Athletics and Basketball segments.  He reports rugby and also assists in many of the admin processes and projects of the site.  From the time he joined ‘Lella’ as he is known by his mates, he contributed his opinions forthrightly and despite being the baby of the site his precise opinion is valued by all.

A product of St. Peter`s College, Colombo-04, he was the president of the Peterite Media Unit which paved his way to journalism. He also played in the St.Peter`s College Basketball team which became the team of the year in 2013. He is currently awaiting the Advanced Level results and in the interim has taken on this position joining the crew eating his meals off a lunch box and spoon. 

Through Lelum’s instigation some of ThePapare’s social media platforms were introduced as he remains a thorn in the side till the job gets done.  

He says he is straight and he likes girls hence all the interviews on girls are handed over to him. If you are a girl and wants to be featured on the site, he is the man.     


Shaminda Dias

Shaminda is in charge of the Boxing and Squash areas of the site.  He is a versatile bloke who is used for many things including coverage of media conferences, photography and any other sports etc. His forte is his ability to dig-deep into any sport he covers and deliver with a deep level of understanding. He works hard at learning the game.

Having played for Royal in the 1st XI team as an opening batsman his input to cricket is first hand as it is with the Squash where he was novices champion.  He has also been awarded Royal’s champion athlete title. 

He is reading for HIS degree at the Australian College of Business and Technology and indulges in journalism as a pass-time. 

Dias is the most picked-on gang member at ThePapare.  He is our ‘riding journalist’ as he rides a push bicycle to most coverage much to the amusement of the others. He is teased mercilessly about his driving and delivery duties and never allowed to forget his long batting vigil at the Royal-Thomian where he took 57 balls for 21 runs (desperately says it was to save the game).


Isuru Sameera Peiris

Sameera is Mr all-over -running around covering 50% of the events of the site having dedicated himself to the cause of His value addition to the site has been immeasurable as his willingness to take on assignments at short notice has enhanced the sites ability to under take extra events. 

Cricketer turned to Photographer, Sameera with his camera gear consisting of two cameras and a wide range of lenses has taken to the task seriously.  He has played cricket, captaining many sides and representing St Peter’s in the 1st XI side. Sameera also vice captained the Under 23 Team for Club Sebastianites. His passion and knowledge on cricket has helped him in choosing the correct angles to click and thus added a different dimension to cricket photography. 

Sameera is a full time businessman who has dedicated himself to his passion working most enthusiastically at any given time. Having followed a professional photography course at Lal Hegoda School of Photography, Sameera’s passion is in capturing Sports and People. Sameera believes photography is all about capturing memories.

Fun loving and easy going, he keeps people laughing and makes friends with everyone easily. He is a very sensitive guy with a melting heart who is ready to help anyone at anytime.

Viraj Kothalawala

Easily the most creative photographer of the gang, his ability to capture moment in stark clarity and precision timing has made him a sort-after for top events.  Viraj also steps in with his technical knowledge taking on live-streaming assignments etc.  He remains a top choice for photography and also takes on bulk of the work.

Viraj is a businessman who has the luxury of being able to indulge in his passion of photography in his free time.  

He is one of the quieter ones in the crew, meticulously at his work while the rest of the bunch jabber noisily around.




Thilina Galappatti

Thilina Galappatti joined in 2013 December and works on feature articles and reporting of cricket. ‘Gala’ is also the team’s

Stats man bringing interesting facts, figures and trivia to the site.

His meticulous attention to detail makes him the complete statistician and historian.  Even in reporting or event planning you can rest-assured Gala will ask questions, research, plan and be most ready for any assignment however small it made be.

The ever -smiling and painfully polite “Gala’ is a product of Royal College having represented the senior quiz team and played badminton and cricket at a junior level. Reading for his degree in Bsc. International Relations at University of London Programmes while doing his internship, he is also learning French as a language. 

Passionate about quizzes and sports journalism he hopes to enter a career in foreign service and diplomacy. 


Caricatures created by Sathsara Hettiarachchi has always been a by the people, for the people concept.  We open yet another forum ‘Tell ThePapare’ to bring all your sporting concerns to us.

Unearth hidden talent by informing us of players with champion qualities or a team not receiving due recognition. ThePapare will surely highlight these on our site and where possible take matters to the authorities.  

You can also inform us of your sporting events.  Time and again ThePapare has called for this.  Organizers, institutions, schools - send us your events, articles, photographs and we will surely publicize these on the website or we will send our reporters and photographers to cover events as best as possible.

This forum can also be used to report injustices and discrepancies with selections of teams, running of tournaments or any other matters.

Its basically ThePapare’s call to all sporting enthusiasts of Sri Lanka to join the bandwagon and help escalate the Sport of Sri Lanka

Send info to :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call on 0773330088


Come join the crew  on part or full time basis in a work environment that gives your ideas a platform, empowers you to carry it through and allows you to share in the satisfaction of perfect execution.

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