, is a one of a kind sports website in Sri Lanka. Boasting of unprecedented coverage, live, and extraordinary reporting, the portal has become the popular go to vehicle for the sports fanatic in Sri Lanka.

ThePapare prides itself in dishing out news spontaneously and in vivid and unstinted detail. Ethical, and unbiased; striving to air both sides, taking utmost caution not to disrupt the workings of sport in the name of sensationalism. The website possesses links in every sporting unit, be it schools, clubs or national with the information umbrella even extending overseas. 

Passion is at the helm of the TP modus operandi; run by a group of sports enthusiasts, some sportsmen themselves, the reporter’s zeal for sport super-exceeds that of the average media and it is possibly the essence, of’s ability to deliver such robust and insightful news. The team, virtually working around the clock, make it their business to pounce on sporting news and deliver it instantly to the public. It is a lifestyle for the TP crew who would update the scores or write articles through any difficult or contorted situation. It is the intensity that has made the web abode such a compelling factor where the zeal of the writer conjugates with the craving of the reader and together they have sprung into conglomerate of a different standing.

While previews, reviews, live streaming, updates, features, interviews, controversies, and specialist’s columns are some of the salient features, the flourishing forums and fan involvement is indeed the hallmark of ThePapare. The forums remain lively, knowledgeable and give the sports following a platform to air their views. A cross-section of Sri Lanka’s everybody from corporate hierarchy to sportsmen and women, administrators, coaches, schoolboys and parents visit the website regularly making it the epi-centre for sports in Sri Lanka.

Now in its plush new setting, this tingling web abode tries valiantly to breathe in life to sport, get to the heart of the matter and deliver news fresh and untainted in a homely, earthy manner.  It constantly endeavours to engage the reader, saddle them to the expedition of creating a bustling information hub.  Based on the concept ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ the website has made itself a natural domain for sports integration where the fans themselves become contributors, reporters and harbingers of news.

With an average of 200,000 hits a month and a daily ballooning facebook membership which stands at over 43,000, ThePapare stands head and shoulders above the regular media in popularity. As sports enthusiasts almost always run out of time to keep abreast with their favourite sport, running to their pet portal to be updated is more than just a habit for most; it’s a life style.

The most clairvoyant aspect the crew emphasize is that they do not intend taking the journey alone and the website in their own words ‘is as much yours, as it is ours’, so the open invitation is write articles, send information, contribute and join the quest of putting Sri Lankan sports on the map is a most wholesome addiction – come get dependent

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For avid fans of college level sports in Sri Lanka, leaving the country comes at a steep price – for starters, it means missing the Big Match. Or so Anisha Yasarathne and Nuwina Padukkavidana decided, when they ended up away from Sri Lanka during cricket season.

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Sankha de Livera Tennekoon’s first passion was not rugby, but cricket. He captained the junior under 16 team at his school, S. Thomas’, and considered it one of his favourite sports.

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The bunch that eat, breath and live sport....... We are small but attempt large, we are accused but stand tall, we are media but we are FOR Sri Lankan sports.........

Asith de Silva

Asith gets fully immersed in all areas of the website. He together with his cum took over in 2009 and has guided it to the place it is now. With a B.Sc in IT, MBA &M.Sc (Network Computing) his expertise goes a long way to keep the site afloat and minus trouble. 

Asith is the most diplomatic person in the team, he never jumps the gun, is a terrific listener and absolutely fabulous at handling people. Calm, rational and gives ear to everyone’s opinion and quietly makes his own. 

His strength is never being afraid to admit to what he does not know and being more than prepared to learn. No clue to sports, he constantly gets it in the ribs for it. 

He gets involved in coverage but must run home for certain calls.

His vision for ThePapare is to become ESPN of Sri Lanka 

Ravin De Silva

An enigma unto his own self and everyone else! His strategies are always forceful and he impresses people with his knowledge of all around him.

Most disruptive at the exco meetings, he somehow manages to divert attention to some completely irrelevant subject. Meetings finish much faster when he is not around but he keeps everyone in splits when he is. 

Has made some enemies for ThePapare categorically telling people what he feels. His marketing is approach is to tell people to take a hike, if they are demanding more than their pound of flesh. Though he is qualified to do so, Marketing is the last thing anyone should allow him to do.

Ever willing he ends up almost always taking on more than he can deliver but is a eager participant in all big coverage's and is disappointed if he is left out of things, loves to be in the thick of things…….

His vision is to make ThePapare the ultimate news source and has bigger ambitions for the site than the others know of.

Ganeesha David

Her primary function at ThePapare is editing and planning content. She is the nag of the outfit; relentlessly pushing to complete tasks. Woe betide anyone who is negligent!! She also sees to administration and keeps things as organized as can be in a chaotic ‘male’ environment. 

A cricket writer, she has contributed to all leading newspapers and websites over the years and has vast experience functioning as an editor. Her forte is features / profile interviews and is currently the only woman cricket writer in the country. 

Her piece ‘a tale of two friends’ and interesting articulation of the two stalwarts Sangakkara and Jaywardena was picked by Cricinfo as best of the web some years back. Ganeesha has a knack for delivering the most mundane facts dressed up in grand style with dramatic captions such as  ‘Running for their lives’, ‘The king and his knight’ ‘minnows in flash-flood’ ‘many a slip between the cup and the lip’ and her personal favourite ‘the man stood on the burning deck’ describing the great Aravinda de Silva. 

Her biggest challenge has been overcoming the man’s domain – ‘sport’. But following her instincts and being blessed with a very thick-skin has taken her through some very awkward moments.

She has no goals, plans or ambitions, living very much in the ‘now’ with motivational projects like putting on the map.

Dishan De Saa

The backbone of the site, He has quickly mastered the expectations of site and contributes immeasurably and get involved in all aspects of the site. All back end work, live streaming and detailing are his main duties and being the general watchdog keeping all breast of happenings and changes and handles all TP events.

ThePapare crew are always versatile because of his fervent for sports. He also looks over the area of Golf and Tennis and keeps a check on International Events as well.

An ardent cricket fan, he was a chess player at St Peter's College. He has a diploma in multimedia and many academic qualifications related to designing and developing websites.

Sankha de Livera Tennakoon

Sankha is the face of ThePapare and the guru of rugby. Having been one of the founder members of the site, he remains at the fore-front of the team. While his duties cover a wide range with administration, marketing, technical etc, content plays a major role as he functions as co-editor and is in charge of all the rugby coverage. He also butts-in for all larger coverages and without his presences any TP event feels disoriented.

He has wide knowledge and command of the language to make a good commentator, but has to be dragged in screaming and kicking. Loves to take photographs, do designs and draw when required.

A Thomian -1st XV rugby player,dynamite in position of fly-half in the years 2006 & 2007. He is most remembered as a twin from 'Thora', as he and his brother Esala formed a deadly halves combination.  He also played Cricket for his college and was the 2nd XI captain as well. Naturally fast, he was also an athlete who specialized in 400 meters and 800 meters, and was awarded Athletic colours in 2007 after breaking a  relay record.

He has completed his higher studies at ACBT and has a Degree in Business Management. He is currently hoping to pursue a Masters program in Sports Management

Sankha’s ambition is to remain a top sports personality and drive ThePapare to heights and beyond.

Lishan Wickramanayake

Lishan has been a keen follower of since its inception and joined its rank in June 2009. He serves as the primary correspondent of Rowing and in charge of all aquatic related sports. He has the distinction of being the first to take up the camera for ThePapare but has since given the mantle to the dedicated photography team. Old habits die hard, he is still seen wondering the outskirts of any sporting event with his trusty camera in hand. 

Liga, as he is fondly known is immaculate in detail and any jobs that need careful documentation or specifics automatically goes to him.

A former fixed asset of the Royal College Rowing Crew, Lishan has been involved with the sport in various capacities for over the past decade. He has also accomplished the impossible feat of balancing both his studies and his sporting pursuits by gaining admission to the University of Colombo where he is involved in various student bodies including the rowing team and the University Sports Council.

As ThePapare's Head of Corporate Strategy he has the task of plotting the future direction of the company.

Charith Thissera

He joined TP back in 2010 as a writer and took up photography as well. Subsequently he was assigned to overlook the areas of Boxing and Squash for which he was instrumental in creating a following on the site.  He also got involved in the technical side of things at the time and assisted the web master. He is painfully accurate about any job he sets out to do and drives the rest of the team mad with his need for information / process and detail. He was insistent on TP reaping benefits of social media and together with Lishan enforced the ThePapare FB, Twitter, Youtube accounts.

At his time at Royal he represented the college in Tennis and Cricket from 2001 - 2003, contributed to the school mag - The Royalist, served as Treasurer of the Media Unit and was a President's scout as well.

Constantly striving to do things differently He overlooks the branding of the site. He also formed the design arm of the website, which he heads; turning out one after another or classy, well-captioned, highly popular banners, support photo-texts, invites, cards, posters and other glossaries. creative services team – One Red Dot intends venturing out with its designs commercially.

He is a graduate of University of wales, an affiliated professional of Chartered Institute of Marketing

Dhammika Mahendra

Dhammika is Head of Photography keeping in toe the vast band of ThePapare photographers. He is diligent and very precise in his work, keeping constant vigil over his flock to ensure quality and standards are met. He will efficiently research on events before coverage and direct the photographers on matters in detail.

Dhammika who is employed in a reputed firm took photography as a hobby and says he forgets the whole world whenever he gets hold of a camera. Dhammika tried out the guitar before the camera but found a clear penchant for the camera and is currently engaged in sport photography and concert photography.

An ovo-lacto vegetarian, he admits to being an introvert and says he values people who are not stereotypes and loves deep conversations. Interested in - Psychology, Philosophy, Photography, he is CIMA qualified even though he does not have too much faith in his numbers.

He loves to cover rugby matches and his ambition is to take up photography as a profession.

Aravinda Ratnayake

Aravinda Ratnayake is the guru of lenses at ThePapare.  A versatile photographer, he sets the standards for photography on the site. He is held in high-esteem by the rest and is the automatic choice for all top events. He is technically savvy and is always ready to assist anyone. He recently took up on videography and take care of all live streaming events. 

In addition to sports photography he is also a professional wedding photographer who covers functions and fashion. His dedication and passion to the art has brought him many accolades and is a sort after photographer of today.

A full time IT professional, Aravinda is seen working on a job long after the rest of the group has given up.

He is an old boy of Vidyartha College. A question in everyone’s mind is why he does not go into full time photography.

Ameen Mohamed

The busy bee at, Ameen is called upon for everything. His value addition to the site is immeasurable as he entangles himself in everything and anything. He is a top content provider for the site and is in charge of the Football. In addition to this he covers Cricket, Rugby and many other sports.

Ameen is super-passionate about any sport.  He was a leading personality at Royal College being a Prefect and involved in a number of extra and co-curricular activities. He is also an ardent Arsenal supporter and rarely fails to watch a game.

Ameen has an infectious spirit showing tremendous enthusiasm in everything he puts his hand to. He is always at the top of his game and his endearing disposition makes it hard for anyone to find fault with him. 

At present he is studying at Royal Institute and reading for a degree in Economics and Management and his ambition is to go into the Foreign Service. 

Hiran Weerakkody

Hiran though fairly new to the team has firmly entrenched himself and a solid cog in the wheel. He has plunged himself into a robust work ethic getting involved in all aspects of the site. He is a top end photographer and graphic designer. 

Passionate about sports, Hiran always managed to dedicate a generous amount of time to sports. He was a hockey player at his school St. Peter’s College and although he’s more into cricket he is also a fan of various types of sports such as hockey, football, rugby etc.

His passion for graphic designing and 3D animation grew when he was just a school boy and it prompted him to become a professional creative designer.An avid photography enthusiast, his camera is his constant companion in his daily life. Hiran has captured some dynamic and exciting moments of sporting events for the past few years. 

He has a Higher National Diploma in Multimedia, a Diploma in photography and many other academic qualifications regarding creative designing. He is currently following a diploma on movie production and direction. 

Hiran’s dearest ambition is to reach the zenith of creative designing and to use his skills and knowledge in future to distribute a strong image of sports to fans and non-fans alike.