Army, Royal and Musaeus take honours at National Rowing Championship


The Sri Lanka Army dominated the open category, winning both men’s and women’s, while Royal College and Musaeus College bagged the under 18 men’s and women’s categories respectively.

The third day of the 31st Rowing Nationals got underway yesterday at the Diyawanna Rowing Centre as the rowers took to the 2000 meter course for the final events of the regatta. The day was an action-packed one as the oarsmen and oarswomen battled hard to make it over the finish line before their opponents.

In the open category men’s sculls, Nissanka Somaratne from the Sri Lanka Army, or more commonly known as ‘Some’ delivered yet again winning gold with a timing of 07.29. ‘Some’ was back again in action as he took the Army crew over the line in second place in the men’s double sculls alongside Dinesh Bandara. Finishing first was M.K.B Wimaladasa and B.W.T.S Rupasinghe of the Sri Lanka Air Force.

The last race and highlight of the evening, the men’s open coxless fours was master-stroked by the Sri Lanka Army clocking a timing of 06.21. Army dominated the men’s coxless pairs as well, beating the Navy and Air Force. In the over 18 category as well, the Army won gold in the coxless pairs and the coxless fours. The Sri Lanka Navy won the sculls, single and double and the coxless fours.

In the under 18 category, the superiority of Hashen Hettigoda (RC) was left unmatchable as he won the men’s single sculls, while Champaka Edirimanne (AIS) took over winning the silver from the favourite Suhith Alexader (AC). Edirimanne was also involved with Kiaan Ahamed in winning the under 18 pairs for the Asian International School with and Royal College (07.12) won a tough challenge put up by the Thomians (07.13) to win silver. Alexander along with Janith Welaratne took home the under 18 double sculls event. S.Thomas’ College recorded their set of gold medals through the under 18 men’s coxed fours beating two Royal College fours with a timing of 07.03.

In the women’s events, the Sri Lanka Army won the overall women’s open category, winning the coxless pairs, double sculls and the coxed fours. Ishara Abbey (LC) recorded a comfortable 10-second win over Samaakhya Gajanayake (CRC) in the open single sculls event. However, Samaakhya won gold in the over 18 single sculls, beating the girls from the Sri Lanka Army and Air Force.

Musaeus College won a gold medal through Maedhini de Alwis in the under 18 single sculls. The sister of Maedhini, Binali de Alwis had her share of victory as her pair with captain Ranuli Wickramasekara won the under 18 coxless pairs quite easily with a timing of 08 minutes and 22 seconds. Davina Koch and Nihara Warawita won gold for Ladies College in the under 18 double sculls, while the finals of under 18 fours was rowed by two crews each of Ladies College and Musaeus College. Musaeus College ‘A’ came in first followed by Ladies College ‘A’, 10 seconds later.

The Sri Lanka Army and Royal College and maintained their winning streak, bagging the overall trophies in the open and under 18 categories. The Army ladies too retained their open category while the women’s under 18 trophy, in a change of the plot went over from Ladies College to Musaeus College.

The Sri Lankan rowers will live to tell the tale of the 3-day international standard 2000 meter course for yet another year, despite the tough conditions battling the scorching heat and the choppy waters of the Diyawanna rowing course.