Zahira runs creates havoc against St.Joseph Vaz


Zahira College completed a 9-3 drubbing of St.Joseph Vaz College in their group stage match in the Kotmale Chox U19 Schools Football Championship played at the Zahira College grounds.

Zahira College being the top dogs certainly had this one in the bag, however there was certainly a chance for St.Joseph Vaz College to upset the favourites.

Zahira selecting to kick off saw the immediate intent to capture the lead as it was wave upon wave of endless through balls and endless runs to create goals. This showed how leaky the Josephian back four was.

The first proper chance was created by Shafran Sathar of Zahira from a corner which allowed Farood Faiz to rush into the box and head one home, however, this was not to be as a goal line clearance from the Josephian back four took place.

It was from then onwards that Zahira took advantage of the complacent man marking, especially in the flanks, and turned them into goals.

Photo Album – Zahira College v St.Joseph Vaz College – Schools Football 2016

Soon after the first chance the Zahira midfielders started playing a high intensive pressing game which led to the exceptional performances of Farood, Mohamed Aakib and Mohamed Shaheel; the midfield trio being pivotal to the goals scored.

Aakib opened the scoring with a lazer guided shot to the bottom right corner from a low corner taken by Shafran.

The opening of the scoring saw Zahira College run havoc against their opponents scoring another 5 more goals leaving the Josephian defence to dust.

However, the 6 goal deficit did not dampen the Josephian attack despite their lacklustre defence as the dying minutes of the first half saw them snatch two goals.

One of the goals coming from a penalty conceded by Shafran which saw Kavindu Bindushan of St.Joseph Vaz College calmly slot one in the bottom right of the net giving a sliver of hope for the Josephians.

Half time – Zahira College 6 – 2 St.Joseph Vaz College

With St.Joseph Vaz College having to overcome a four goal deficit they certainly stepped up their game in the second half by creating many chances through the center of the field in the form of Ishara Sandaruwan.

This display saw the Josephians score another goal from a defensive mistake by the Zahirians, presumably due to fatigue, which gave them hope of a comeback.

The Josephian hopes, however were dampened when the Zahirians abandoned their defensive strategy midway through the second half and once again adopted their fierce attacking policy through the flanks.

The constant barrages of counter attacks from the flanks proved too much for the Josephian defence as the Zahirians scored three more goals.

However, it was heartening to see that the Josephians did not give up their quest for goals as they too posed a certain threat to the Zahira defence at times, but lacked the finishing touch.

With Zahira taking the lion half of possession in the whole game it was a dominant victory for the boys in the maroon and green.

Full time – Zahira College 9 – 3 St.Joseph Vaz College Player of the Match – Farood Faiz ( Zahira College)

Goal Scorers
Zahira College – Mohamed Aakib 7’ & 13’, Shafran Sathar 26’ & 38’, Mohamed Hammadh 21’, Farood Faiz 23’ & 82’, Mohamed Shaheel 59’, Mohamed Sajid 86’
St.Joseph Vaz College – Kavindu Bidushan 17’, Tharindu Pramod 45’, Kaveen Sucharitha 63’

Yellow cards
Zahira College – farood Faiz 30’, Mohamed Hammadh 45’, Mohamed Rakeeb 69’
St.Joseph Vaz College – Sachintha Thambagala 58’