Visakha takes home the Motwani Challenge Shield again

Visakha Vidyalaya v Sujatha Vidyalaya Netball Encounter


Visakha Vidyalaya managed to retain the Clara Motwani Challenge Shield beating Sujatha Vidyalaya in their 2nd annual netball encounter worked out recently (24th November) at the Visakha Vidyalaya School Grounds.

Both schools showcased much talent along with skill, bringing glory to their schools in both the Under 15 and Under 19 age categories.

In the U15 encounter, which was the curtain raiser of the day, Sujatha registered a 26-09 victory to win the Linton Kuruppu trophy.

In the U19 game, at the end of the first quarter, Visakha led by just one point with scores reading 5-4. The second quarter too was led by Visakha with a four-point lead of 13-9.

However, the heat of the match intensified towards the end of the third quarter where Sujatha Vidyalaya rose strong, to tie the score to 16-16, leaving the crowd doubting who will win in the end. The third quarter concluded at 18-16, giving a slight two-point edge to Visakha.

The Visakians rose for the challenge in the final quarter, hammering away to finish the match by an astounding gap of 28-17, taking home the Clara Motwani Challenge Shield for the second consecutive time.

Individual Award Winners;

Under 15

  • Best Centre Court Player – Sanuli Galagoda
  • Best Defender- Asaki Vidvanee
  • Best Shooter – Mihidhum Keerthisiri
  • Best Upcoming Player -Minudi Morawaka

Under 19

  • Best Centre Court Player – Harshi Nawaratne
  • Best Defender- Upadhya Aberathne
  • Best Shooter – Ranudi Weerawardhane
  • Netball Queen – Ranudi Weerawardhane