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Colombo and Kandy record wins on the first day

U19 Super Provincial Tournament 2019


The U19 Super Provincial Tournament got underway today (16) with Team Galle taking on Team Kandy and Team Dambulla taking on Team Colombo.

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Team Colombo vs Team Dambulla

  • Skippers
  • Team Colombo – Kamil Mishara
  • Team Dambulla – Nipuna Dananjaya

Team Dambulla was crushed by a margin of 147 runs after winning the toss and choosing to field first, curtsey of a great all-round display from Team Colombo after setting a target of 284 at Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium. 

Team Colombo’s innings was solidified with a crucial contribution from the Royalist Ahan Wickramasinghe who remained unbeaten after a 73-ball 78. That was the only half century recorded for the match and a few contributions from top order and lower order carried the total to 283. 

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In reply, Team Dambulla openers were sent back to the pavilion before adding any runs by left arm seamer Praveen de Silva and Nalandian Chamindu Wijesinghe. Dambulla innings crumbled under pressure and never got going after that early struggle. Thomian Ravindu Rasantha was the only one to go past 30 and De Silva completely dominated the opposition with 4 wickets. 

Dambulla innings ended on 136 without completing the 50 overs and Team Colombo opened their points account with a 147 run win.

Photos: Colombo vs Dambulla | SLC U19 Super Provincial Tournament 2019


Colombo U19
283/8 (50)
Dambulla U19
136/10 (36.3)
Johanne De Zilva run out (Ashian Daniel)49648176.56
Kamil Mishara c Ravindu Rasantha b Yasiru Rodrigo8231034.78
Mohammed Shamaz c & b Sudeera Weerarathana40594067.80
Sonal Dinusha c Muditha Premadasa b Yasiru Rodrigo118005.56
Ahan Wicrkamasinghe not out787380106.85
Thashika Nirmal c Muditha Premadasa b Lakshan Gamage28343082.35
Sandaruwan Chinthaka c Ashian Daniel b Sudeera Weerarathana271712158.82
Chamindu Wijesinghe c Dineth Jayakody b Ashian Daniel281132254.55
Avishka Lakshan c Nipun Dananjaya b Lakshan Gamage120050.00
Extras23 (b 5 , lb 5 , nb 1, w 12, pen 0)
Total283/8 (50 Overs, RR: 5.66)
Fall of Wickets 1-16 (5.6) Kamil Mishara, 2-100 (20.1) Johanne De Zilva, 3-104 (23.5) Sonal Dinusha, 4-124 (28.5) Mohammed Shamaz, 5-184 (39.6) Thashika Nirmal, 6-238 (46.6) Sandaruwan Chinthaka, 7-271 (48.6) Chamindu Wijesinghe, 8-283 (49.6) Avishka Lakshan,
Naveen Fernando805807.25
Yasiru Rodrigo1023923.90
Lakshan Gamage805627.00
Sudeera Weerarathana1014724.70
Ashian Daniel1005115.10
Vijayakanth Viyaskanth402205.50

Leshan Amarasinghe lbw b Praveen de Silva010000.00
Muditha Premadasa c Sonal Dinusha b Chamindu Wijesinghe05000.00
Ravindu Rasantha c Mohammed Shamaz b Avishka Lakshan34385089.47
Nipun Dananjaya c Kamil Mishara b Praveen de Silva4210200.00
Dineth Jayakody c Thashika Nirmal b Johanne De Zilva21284075.00
Lakshan Gamage b Dilmin Rathnayake18301060.00
Sudeera Weerarathana b Praveen de Silva27553049.09
Ashian Daniel c Johanne De Zilva b Dilmin Rathnayake7111063.64
Naveen Fernando c Kamil Mishara b Sandaruwan Chinthaka18352051.43
Vijayakanth Viyaskanth lbw b Praveen de Silva04000.00
Yasiru Rodrigo not out02000.00
Extras7 (b 0 , lb 2 , nb 0, w 5, pen 0)
Total136/10 (36.3 Overs, RR: 3.73)
Fall of Wickets 1-0 (1.5) Muditha Premadasa, 2-0 (2.4) Leshan Amarasinghe, 3-4 (2.6) Nipun Dananjaya, 4-54 (11.5) Dineth Jayakody, 5-73 (16.4) Ravindu Rasantha, 6-90 (20.6) Lakshan Gamage, 7-100 (24.4) Ashian Daniel, 8-136 (34.5) Sudeera Weerarathana, 9-136 (35.4) Naveen Fernando, 10-136 (36.3) Vijayakanth Viyaskanth,
Praveen de Silva6.312043.17
Chamindu Wijesinghe522014.00
Sonal Dinusha401704.25
Johanne De Zilva402215.50
Avishka Lakshan301013.33
Thashika Nirmal601502.50
Dilmin Rathnayake602223.67
Sandaruwan Chinthaka21613.00

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Team Kandy vs Team Galle

  • Skippers
  • Team Kandy – Ruvin Peries
  • Team Galle – Thaveesha Abhishek

Team Kandy came out victorious in a close contest by 33 runs after they were put to bat at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium by Team Galle.

Chamindu Wickramasinghe and Avishka Tharindu made the most of the scoring for Kandy with almost a run-a-ball 97 and 4 respectively as the pair constructed a 109- partnership for the 5th wicket. Thanks to their efforts Kandy total ended up at 252. Kandy couldn’t bat out the full quota of overs as Sandun Mendis and Amshi de Silva picked up 4 & 3 wickets respectively.

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Again with the ball, Wickramasinghe contributed with 2 wickets opening the bowling and batting for Kandy. No one from Team Galle reached a half century as Kandy bowlers dismissed Team Galle for 219 to record a victory by 33 runs.

Photos: Kandy vs Galle | SLC U19 Super Provincial Tournament 2019


Kandy U19
252/10 (47.1)
Galle U19
219/10 (44.5)
Chamindu Wickramasinghe c Amshi De Silva b Sandun Mendis979815098.98
Avishka Perera c Sandun Mendis b Amshi De Silva260033.33
Dunith Jayathunga c Dunith Wellalage b Jethesh Wasala120050.00
Umayanga Suwaris c Thaveesha Abhishek b Sandun Mendis9302030.00
Chamod Sandaru lbw b Dunith Wellalage10282035.71
Avishka Tharindu c Jethesh Wasala b Sandun Mendis747171104.23
Ravindu Rathnayakke c Pawan Rathnayake b Sandun Mendis6101060.00
Rohan Sanjaya c Sandun Mendis b Jethesh Wasala222021110.00
Kavindu Nadeeshan b Amshi De Silva151301115.38
Ruvin Peiris b Amshi De Silva01000.00
Subhanu Rajapakse not out04000.00
Extras16 (b 1 , lb 3 , nb 0, w 12, pen 0)
Total252/10 (47.1 Overs, RR: 5.34)
Fall of Wickets 1-9 (2.4) Avishka Perera, 2-14 (3.1) Dunith Jayathunga, 3-54 (11.6) Umayanga Suwaris, 4-78 (19.3) Chamod Sandaru, 5-187 (36.4) Chamindu Wickramasinghe, 6-212 (40.4) Avishka Tharindu, 7-213 (40.6) Ravindu Rathnayakke, 8-252 (46.1) Kavindu Nadeeshan, 9-252 (46.2) Ruvin Peiris, 10-252 (47.1) Rohan Sanjaya,
Amshi De Silva723234.57
Jethesh Wasala3.111725.48
Sandun Mendis1015745.70
Ashen Dilhara512404.80
Dunith Wellalage1013913.90
Chethaka Denuwan201306.50
Navod Paranavithana402105.25
Raveen De Silva604507.50

Navod Paranavithana b Chamindu Wickramasinghe05000.00
Thaveesha Abhishek c Dunith Jayathunga b Ruvin Peiris13141192.86
Chethaka Denuwan st Avishka Perera b Subhanu Rajapakse33435076.74
Muditha Lakshan c Chamod Sandaru b Ruvin Peiris370042.86
Pawan Rathnayake b Rohan Sanjaya21343061.76
Dunith Wellalage c Umayanga Suwaris b Subhanu Rajapakse44603073.33
Sandun Mendis run out (Rohan Sanjaya)201930105.26
Ashen Dilhara c Avishka Perera b Chamindu Wickramasinghe01000.00
Raveen De Silva not out27471057.45
Amshi De Silva c Ruvin Peiris b Rohan Sanjaya383831100.00
Jethesh Wasala c Avishka Perera b Kavindu Nadeeshan240050.00
Extras18 (b 0 , lb 2 , nb 3, w 13, pen 0)
Total219/10 (44.5 Overs, RR: 4.88)
Fall of Wickets 1-1 (0.5) Navod Paranavithana, 2-28 (7.2) Thaveesha Abhishek, 3-51 (9.4) Muditha Lakshan, 4-64 (12.5) Chethaka Denuwan, 5-86 (19.5) Pawan Rathnayake, 6-121 (25.5) Sandun Mendis, 7-121 (26.1) Ashen Dilhara, 8-155 (34.1) Dunith Wellalage, 9-214 (43.3) Amshi De Silva, 10-219 (44.5) Jethesh Wasala,
Chamindu Wickramasinghe703424.86
Ruvin Peiris813924.88
Avishka Tharindu2021010.50
Subhanu Rajapakse1003023.00
Rohan Sanjaya1014924.90
Kavindu Nadeeshan6.503415.23
Umayanga Suwaris1010010.00