ThePapare and SLSRFA join hands to uplift Schools Rugby

A ray of hope for the up and coming schools

Dishan De Saa,
ThePapare’s Dishan De Saa distributing equipment to the masters-in-charge

In their newest venture to give a helping hand to the growth of Rugby, along with the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association (SLSRFA) donated equipment to some up and coming schools. 

A vision by the President of the SLSRFA, Ranjith Chandrasekara to give back to some of the schools with fewer resources, rugby balls and ice coolers were distributed to schools across all divisions. 

The event was held yesterday(30th) at the Western Aesthetic Cultural Hall with the participation of the members of the SLSRFA and the respective masters-in-charge. 

Currently, over 100 schools participate in the annual Singer Schools Rugby League that extends to three divisions and is played around the island in 4 months. 

School masters with the SLSRFA
A total of 100+ schools were given equipment in the ceremony held at the Western Aesthetic Cultural Hall

Except for the top division, most of the schools have minimum or no funding but continue to play the sport due to their passion for it. In a bid to increase participation, the SLSRFA believes that it will be motivation for the schools to come up the ranks. The SLRFA hopes to motivate participation through ventures such as these.

“This year we have taken an initiative to give out balls for all the schools. We have spent over 15 million for this and we hope this will help the schools in the coming years.” added Ranjith Chandrasekara addressing the gathering yesterday.

Photo Album: Donation of equipment by SLSRFA and

“We found funding for the balls from the money that was allocated from the sponsors for the tournaments. We are grateful to Singer Sri Lanka and Nestle Lanka for the funding to make this possible. I also spoke to ThePapare and asked if they could sponsor ice boxes for the schools and they readily agreed. I am grateful to them for their sponsorship”

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Ice-coolers were distributed among division II schools by as well, with the intention that the equipment will help the schools continue their activities and grow the sport within their communities. 

The SLSRFA and ThePapare hope that this can continue in the years to come too with the goal of uplifting the sport in smaller schools around the country.