The three point chase – Science College makes it almost


On to the knockouts, Wesley College faces Science College with an adventurous rugby game on the 3rd of July at Royal Sports Complex.

Kicking off the knockouts, Science College was taking on a rising force– Wesley College. The double blues climbing up to the A division this year not only battled successfully in the Singer League but also were within the top four teams in the A division. The fans of Wesley college were expecting a lot from their school. For Science College, they were expecting a good game; what can beat the experience of facing a strong side in Rugby?

Regardless of the prior predictions a peculiar perception came into play. It was Science who got onto scoring first. Shooting for a long range kick Gomez playing at number 12 for Science got it right. This was an unbelievable advance for the mount spectators. Standing against the odds Wesley College accepted the challenge. Long range kicks were spotter correctly by the double blues. They didn’t want any mistakes for the Science get on the scores.  However Science College was able to defend the ball for long minutes before finally Wesley broke the line into a try by B. Jarampathy. Playing at number 11 he was able to push almost 3 players through to the try line. This gave the first 5 points to Wesley totaling up scores 5 -3 with Wesley leading. 

Thought the first try for Wesley remained unconverted the kicker at number 9 K. De Silva did the necessary for the next penalty. Though the ball was moving in favor of Science College from that point onwards Wesley College who always boasts of the strong back line were in three steps ahead of Science.  Without much surprise the next try came on to the already leading Wesley Camp and it was also by Mr. B Jarampathy. This made the total up to 13 while Science remained at 3. It’s is also notable Wesley College had an unfortunate shift in conversions where the second penalty too boring only 5 points in. 

Facing the continuous dares of Wesley College Science College finally got the science of the game. The first converter try of the game was taken on by Science College. Saumyakara to Gomez shared the credit for these 7 points. At 10 – 13 Science College was recovering but taking on much experienced Wesley wasn’t easy. Well considering Wesley, they weren’t on top with flowing rugby either but was able to turn the game in their favor the next minute. Seigrts playing at number 24 landed on try line with mighty force leaving no chance for the Science College to defend. This spirit continued to De Silva of Wesley who got points of the conversion too added to the total. 

At 20 – 10 Science College didn’t give up. The last try concluding the game was by B. Karunathilaka at number 7. The conversion brought in the 2 points making a total of 17 for Science College. The Mount Lavania troupers were at a great earning but it wasn’t good enough. The double blues walked off with the title of the game.