Temporary interim injunction against Sri Ranga & Co.

Temporary interim injunction against Sri Ranga & his administration

The Court of Appeal has issued an injunction order today (18th Jan) preventing the office bearers of the newly elected Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) from functioning in their duties.

The order was given based on an appeal filed by the former President of FFSL Jaswar Umar. This order will be effective until tomorrow (19).

The Sports Minister has been accused of depriving the former President of the opportunity to participate in the election conducted last Saturday. Jaswar Umar has resorted to legal action accusing the Sports Minister of doing injustice to him. He filed charges yesterday (17th Jan) evening.


Former MP Jeyaratnam Sri Ranga was appointed as the President of the Sri Lanka Football Federation last week in a controversial election. This temporary interim injunction order came mere minutes after he and his administration assumed duties amidst much celebration at the Football House today.

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