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All-round Chamindu shines on poor opening day for SL U19

Sri Lanka U19 tour of Bangladesh 2019 | 2nd Youth Test – Day 1

The 2nd and last Youth Test between Sri Lanka U19 and hosts Bangladesh U19 kick-started today at the Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium in Khulna. The home team ended day 1 in a strong position as they were on 71/2 after bundling out the visitors for 184.

The Sri Lanka U19s were put into bat first after the home Captain won the toss on day 1. The tourists made just 1 change to the batting order which scored 300+ in the 1st Youth Test in Barisal, replacing wicket-keeper Chihan Kalindu with Nalanda College skipper Avishka Perera. Along with Avishka, fellow Nalandian Raveen de Silva and Richmondite Amshi de Silva were also handed their maiden Youth Test caps. Trinity College skipper Ruvin Peiris was also included to the final playing XI as the bowling attack underwent a total of 3 changes from the 1st game in Barisal.

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Sri Lanka faced an early loss of momentum when they lost 3 quick wickets after a modest opening stand of 46 between Chamindu Wickramasinghe and Thaveesha Abhishek. Half-centurion in the previous game, Sonal Dinusha was sent back for a duck to put Sri Lanka in deep trouble, as they were struggling on 58/3 with his dismissal.

Skipper Nipun Dananjaya together with Wickramasinghe rescued the Lankans from trouble at that point, adding 57 runs for the 4th wicket between them, before Shahin Alam, who had taken all 3 wickets to have fallen, completed his 5-wicket haul, dismissing both the set batsmen. 

Sri Lanka were able to add just 69 more runs from that point onwards as they were bundled out for a modest 184. After Wickramasinghe fell for 73 as the 5th wicket, spin bowler Avishka Lakshan took on the responsibility and accumulated 47 valuable runs with little support from the other end. Even with a batting order which had 9 capable batsmen Sri Lanka disappointingly failed to go past 200. Alam completed the Lankan collapse with impressive figures of 7/62.

In reply Bangladesh got off to a good start, scoring 41 runs for no loss in the first 11 overs. It was once again the Antonian Wickramasinghe who stood up for Sri Lanka as he provided them the much needed breakthrough with his right-arm pace bowling as the first change bowler.

The all-rounder who dismissed Bangladeshi opener Sajid Hossain for 26 struck again in his next over to dismiss Pritom Kumar for 6. Opener Prantik Nawrose and Alvi Haque batted the remaining 10 overs cautiously to see through the day with no further damage done. The duo will resume tomorrow with Bangladesh on 71/2, trailing Sri Lanka by 113 runs.

Interestingly, Sri Lanka used 7 bowlers in their 23 overs with Dunith Wellalage bowling 7, the most, for just 7 runs. Opening pacie Ruvin Peiris finished the day on the expensive side with an economy of 5.5.

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Match drawn

Sri Lanka U19
184/10 (54.3) & 346/9 (149)
Bangladesh U19
354/10 (120.4) & 37/3 (14)
Chamindu Wickramasinghe c Shahadat Hossain b Ashiqur Rahman Ruhit7310511069.52
Thaveesha Abhishek c Ashraful Islam b Shahin Alom8430018.60
Ravindu De Silva c Shahadat Hossain b Shahin Alom250040.00
Sonal Dinusha c Pritom Kumar b Shahin Alom03000.00
Nipun Dananjaya c Pritom Kumar b Shahin Alom29415070.73
Avishka Perera c Ashiqur Rahman Ruhit b Mehedi Hasan224008.33
Lakshan Gamage c Meherab Hossain Ahin b Shahin Alom47685169.12
Dunith Wellalage c Pritom Kumar b Shahin Alom17273062.96
Raveen De Silva b Shahin Alom010000.00
Amshi De Silva b Ashiqur Rahman Ruhit01000.00
Ruvin Peiris not out03000.00
Extras6 (b 1 , lb 0 , nb 3, w 2, pen 0)
Total184/10 (54.3 Overs, RR: 3.38)
Fall of Wickets 1-46 (16.1) Thaveesha Abhishek, 2-57 (18.3) Ravindu De Silva, 3-58 (18.5) Sonal Dinusha, 4-115 (32.2) Nipun Dananjaya, 5-115 (33.1) Chamindu Wickramasinghe, 6-132 (40.5) Avishka Perera, 7-154 (48.2) Dunith Wellalage, 8-163 (50.6) Raveen De Silva, 9-168 (51.4) Amshi De Silva, 10-184 (54.3) Lakshan Gamage,
Mehedi Hasan1413612.57
Shahin Alom17.356273.58
Ashiqur Rahman Ruhit1406024.29
Ashraful Islam822302.88
Meherab Hossain Ahin10202.00
Prantik Nawrose Nabil c Avishka Perera b Dunith Wellalage9818115054.14
Sajid Hossain Seam c Avishka Perera b Chamindu Wickramasinghe26324081.25
Pritom Kumar c Dunith Wellalage b Chamindu Wickramasinghe6141042.86
Alvi Hoque c Sonal Dinusha b Amshi De Silva722262131.86
Shahadat Hossain c Thaveesha Abhishek b Nipun Dananjaya501213041.32
Amite Hasan lbw b Ruvin Peiris18233078.26
Meherab Hossain Ahin not out33775042.86
Ashraful Islam lbw b Dunith Wellalage6111054.55
Mehedi Hasan c Lakshan Gamage b Nipun Dananjaya06000.00
Ashiqur Rahman Ruhit lbw b Nipun Dananjaya11401027.50
Shahin Alom c Amshi De Silva b Nipun Dananjaya05000.00
Extras34 (b 10 , lb 2 , nb 12, w 10, pen 0)
Total354/10 (120.4 Overs, RR: 2.93)
Fall of Wickets 1-41 (11.1) Sajid Hossain Seam, 2-48 (13.5) Pritom Kumar, 3-183 (62.5) Prantik Nawrose Nabil, 4-264 (88.4) Alvi Hoque, 5-287 (95.3) Amite Hasan, 6-298 (100.1) Shahadat Hossain, 7-309 (103.2) Ashraful Islam, 8-310 (104.6) Mehedi Hasan, 9-340 (118.3) Ashiqur Rahman Ruhit, 10-354 (120.4) Shahin Alom,
Amshi De Silva2137913.76
Ruvin Peiris2054612.30
Chamindu Wickramasinghe931922.11
Dunith Wellalage3176822.19
Lakshan Gamage1305304.08
Raveen De Silva1014204.20
Nipun Dananjaya16.453542.13
Chamindu Wickramasinghe c Pritom Kumar b Mehedi Hasan241641150.00
Thaveesha Abhishek c Pritom Kumar b Mehedi Hasan18293062.07
Ravindu De Silva b Meherab Hossain Ahin33844039.29
Sonal Dinusha c Alvi Hoque b Mehedi Hasan551484037.16
Nipun Dananjaya c Amite Hasan b Ashraful Islam813184025.47
Avishka Perera c Pritom Kumar b Prantik Nawrose Nabil18622029.03
Lakshan Gamage c Shahin Alom b Ashiqur Rahman Ruhit45967046.88
Dunith Wellalage c Pritom Kumar b Ashraful Islam45927048.91
Raveen De Silva not out446008.70
Amshi De Silva lbw b Ashraful Islam270028.57
Ruvin Peiris not out02000.00
Extras21 (b 7 , lb 6 , nb 6, w 2, pen 0)
Total346/9 (149 Overs, RR: 2.32)
Fall of Wickets 1-33 (4.6) Chamindu Wickramasinghe, 2-44 (8.5) Thaveesha Abhishek, 3-107 (31.5) Ravindu De Silva, 4-156 (58.3) Sonal Dinusha, 5-187 (74.6) Avishka Perera, 6-255 (104.6) Lakshan Gamage, 7-327 (133.2) Dunith Wellalage, 8-342 (145.5) Nipun Dananjaya, 9-346 (147.4) Amshi De Silva,
Mehedi Hasan2035232.60
Shahin Alom2587002.80
Ashiqur Rahman Ruhit2584411.76
Ashraful Islam3467632.24
Meherab Hossain Ahin2444411.83
Shahadat Hossain20502.50
Prantik Nawrose Nabil1652011.25
Sajid Hossain Seam302207.33

Prantik Nawrose Nabil lbw b Amshi De Silva6610100.00
Sajid Hossain Seam not out18462039.13
Pritom Kumar c Sonal Dinusha b Amshi De Silva461066.67
Alvi Hoque b Raveen De Silva7230030.43
Shahadat Hossain not out140025.00
Extras1 (b 0 , lb 0 , nb 1, w 0, pen 0)
Total37/3 (14 Overs, RR: 2.64)
Fall of Wickets 1-10 (2.1) Prantik Nawrose Nabil, 2-15 (2.6) Pritom Kumar, 3-36 (13.2) Alvi Hoque,
Amshi De Silva311023.33
Ruvin Peiris301404.67
Dunith Wellalage42401.00
Nipun Dananjaya21402.00
Raveen De Silva20512.50