Sri Lanka Secures Victory Against Bhutan in FIFA World Series

FIFA World Series 2024


In a thrilling match-up between Sri Lanka and Bhutan in the FIFA World Series, the Sri Lankan team showcased their dominance on the field, ultimately securing a well-deserved victory. The encounter, held in the Sri Lanka Edition of the tournament, saw an intense battle unfold as both teams vied for supremacy.

The opening half of the game witnessed Sri Lanka creating numerous scoring opportunities, demonstrating their attacking prowess. However, despite their efforts, they were unable to break the deadlock against a resilient Bhutanese defense. The halftime whistle blew with the scoreline still level, setting the stage for an exhilarating second half.

The beginning of the second half brought a turning point for Sri Lanka, as Dillon De Silva ignited the home crowd by netting the opening goal in the 46th minute. Building upon this momentum, Oliver Kelaart swiftly doubled Sri Lanka’s lead just eight minutes later, sending the fans into a frenzy.

Although Sri Lanka missed several chances to further extend their lead, they maintained their composure and ultimately emerged victorious. Captain Sujan Perera played a pivotal role in securing another clean sheet for his team, delivering a remarkable performance between the goalposts.

As the match approached its conclusion, Coach Andy Morrison made a poignant decision during added time. He introduced the experienced Mohammad Fazal onto the pitch for one last time in his international career, providing him with a fitting farewell to Sri Lanka football. Fazal’s contribution to the team over the years was duly recognized and appreciated by both fans and teammates alike.

With this impressive victory, Sri Lanka’s journey in the FIFA World Series continues, as they look ahead to future challenges with confidence and determination. The team’s resilience, skill, and camaraderie serve as a testament to their commitment to excellence on the global stage.