The finals of the U17 ‘A’ Division Boys’ All Island Basketball Tournament was worked off today (27th June 2019), at St. Joseph`s College, Colombo. The hosts took on Ananda College in the final clash and drowned the opposition 79-41 to secure the 2019 title. 

St. Joseph`s College (SJC) got on to brilliant start, converting five back-to-back possessions into points. The first phase of play was dominated by SJC, pushing aggressively on the offensive front. The consistent fast-break plays exerted pressure on the opposition as they only managed a point for the maiden quarter, while the home team added 29 points. 

There was no difference in the second quarter as Ananda College (AC) failed to capitalize on both offensive and defensive aspects. Rebounds were etched on both ends by SJC, which created ample second chances for them keep up the scoring momentum. AC added 08 points to the second quarter while SJC replied with 15. 

SJC was on top of the game with immense physical advantage which helped them in their robust play. It was a tough ask for the AC players to penetrate inside the D, as the half was heavily guarded by the Joes. 

AC did pick up their game in the third quarter, scoring 19 points but the early damage was too much to overcome. Swishing the lay-ups, hitting the mid-rangers, Anandian`s finally found rhythm in the game, but their defense leaked 15 points. 

Playing with a vast deficit, AC couldn`t afford to leak that many points. It was important that they closed the passing lanes and kept SJC out in the perimeter and forced them into shots under pressure. 

SJC, playing a wider spread, fast game of basketball exploited the defensive gaps effectively penetrating through the lanes. The post players positioned themselves in a splendid manner to crash the boards if the offensive player missed the shot. 

Adding another 21 points into the final quarter, SJC sealed the win in style. 

Quarter 01  Quarter 02  Quarter 03  Quarter 04 
St. Joseph`s College 29 15 14 21
Ananda College  01 08 19 13

Full Time: St. Joseph`s College – 79 Ananda College – 41 

Shane Daniel, Assistant Coach of St. Joseph`s College – Colombo speaking with said, “We didn`t have much time to practice with the recent events, but, the boys worked hard in the little time we got and it is talent combined with hard work that bought us this win”. 

  • Best Offensive Player: Shanon De Silva (St. Joseph`s College)
  • Best Defensive Player: Hashen Chamika (Ananda College)
  • Most Valuable Player: Shehan Fernando (St. Joseph`s College)

The third place-play-off was won by St. Anne`s College – Kurunegala beating Lyceum International School – Nugegoda, 61-49.