(ThePapare Basketball Championship 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka) The second quarter-final of the championship was played between the defending champions S. Thomas` College v St. Peter`s College – Colombo. Thomian`s sealing semi-final spot, crossed the winning line 52-43 at full time.

Even though Peterites did win the jump-ball it was S. Thomas` College who drew first blood. Getting off to a solid start STC went on to score 13 points during the maiden quarter. In reply SPC was only able to score 05 points.

Even though SPC did have the height advantage, they failed to identify the roles of the playing five inside the court for the first two quarters. It is good to see all the players contesting the rebound, but once the rebound was grabbed, they were clueless on who to pass on to. STC sticking into a zone defense made sure they stopped as many as many possessions of SPC.

SPC was unable to score a single point up until the sixth minute of the second quarter as STC went on to score basket after basket. SPC badly needed to re-patch their offensive strategies, as they lacked both set offensive plots and hitting the gaps.

SPC only managed to score 08 points in the reaming four minutes of the game. STC replied with another solid 10 points which built their foundation of the next two quarters.

Half Time: S. Thomas` College – 23 St. Peter`s College – 13

Going into the third quarter of the game, SPC had to revamp themselves if they wanted to stay alive in the game. Rectifying their initial mistake of identifying the roles with in the playing five, SPC managed to square the game 32 all with three minutes reaming in the third quarter.

SPC went on to score 21 points while STC was pushed back in their scoring and only managed, 12 points. The live wire for STC, Yasiru Bimantha was not playing with the same energy during the third quarter, which caused a lot of problems for the Thomians.

Even though SPC was back in the game during the third quarter, it was unfortunate that they lost plot once again in the fourth quarter. SPC failed to keep up the consistency in scoring and they managed to only add 09 points. Yasiru Bimantha and Khanishka Kateparachchi coming back made the Thomians add another 17 points.

Full Time: S. Thomas` College – 52 St. Peter`s College – 43