CIS and Gateway College top day four


CIS took on the hosts British School in Colombo and Gateway College – Colombo took on Lyceum International School – Panadura in the Girls` category. Here`s a look at what happened.

Colombo International School v British School in Colombo

BSC had the chance to score first by gaining first possession off the jump ball yet failed to score and CIS drew first blood. It was a good start for CIS as they fought aggressively to steal the ball and followed it up with well-placed jump shots. BSC switched to a man-to-man defense to try and stop the CIS players’ jump shots.

The BSC players relied on Tiasha to do most of the scoring for them, trying to set her up for open shots a move which wasn’t very successful as the CIS defense was fast to react. BSC was close but was never able to take the lead themselves as they lost the ball in the moments leading up to layups. It seemed as the home court advantage wasn’t making a significant difference in the match against the opposition.

Half-time: British School Colombo- 20 Colombo International School – 31

As the next half opened up both teams had switched up their defensive strategies to full court presses. It was very effective for CIS as they stole the ball early on, leading to more unguarded shots. This full court defense took its toll on both teams however as the players began to slow down due to fatigue.

By the end of the final 10 minutes, CIS won the game by 15 points with their defense making the difference.

Full-time: British School in Colombo- 45 Colombo International School – 60

The CIS coach speaking to “It was a tough game and our players aren’t used to playing in an indoor court and they are still adapting game by game but we hope to continue to perform like this in the matches to come.”

Lyceum International School – Panadura vs. Gateway College – Colombo

The game was opened up by GCC as they got first possession of the ball and a quick conversion allowed them to draw first blood. They continued  this momentum to have a 29-0 run in the first half as LISP missed all of their shots and lost possession of the ball when attempting to pass.

Half-time: Gateway College – 29 Lyceum International School – Panadura- 00

As the second half began the players from GCC realized they had the edge when it came to speed and therefore switched to a full court press early on to steal the ball even sooner and then convert it into a shot. The Lyceum defense was not on par as Gateway was allowed to have a 49-00 run when LISP finally scored their first basket in the third quarter.

The GCC players were faster to collect the ball, giving them more opportunities to score whilst LISP, on the other hand, struggled to break a double digit score. Closer to the end of the final quarter there was no hope for the LISP team as they were clearly no match for the girls from GCC.

Full-time: Gateway College – 62 Lyceum International School Panadura – 08

The coach of the Lyceum International School – Panadura team shared his thoughts on what went wrong in the game with “It was definitely a tough match and our team comprised of only U13 and U15 players so it’s obvious they would be no match for a U19 team like our opponents.”