New bill against sports corruption PASSED!


Current minster of sports Harin Fernando’s new initiative towards a clean and just environment in Sri Lanka sports was given the Green Light today (11th November) by the members of the parliament.

A bill on prevention of offences in sports which deals comprehensively with match fixing, corruption, illegal manipulation and illegal betting in sports was successfully passed today under, honorable Sports minster Harin Fernando’s term.

Sumathipala in favour of Harin’s bill against sports corruption

Honourable Minister of Sports Harin Fernando is taking Sri Lanka one step…

The particular bill was scheduled to be presented last Thursday (7th November) to the parliament but after an unfortunate turn of events, the bill was not heard in lieu with the parliament’s agenda. While the bill was supposed to be handed in only if the minister himself attended the session, there had reportedly been a case of miscommunication among the relevant authorities, and eventually, the bill was not read.

Thereafter a special hearing was conducted today, with the sole focus being this bill which speaks of corruption and illegal activity in sport. Sri Lanka is the first Asian nation to green-light this law with only a few countries like New Zealand, Australia, England and South Africa that follow this law.

The bill presented and passed is as below.

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