Mercantile BB: MAS Holdings top day nine


The ninetieth day of the Mercantile Services Basketball League ended with MAS Holdings winning both their encounters.

DFCC Bank v Hatton National Bank

The ‘A’ division encounter was played as first match for the day at Hendry Pedris Stadium. Hatton National Bank trailed the game by six points into lemons as the half time scoreboard read 33-27.

It was Rajitha Hettiarachchi who top scored in the game with sixteen points for DFCC Bank. He was helped by Roshan Fernando who added nine points. Anushka Jayalath scored eleven points for Hatton National Bank while Kanishka Vishwanath scored seven points.

Coming into the second half of the game Hatton National Bank scored seventeen points to the game while DFCC Bank added twenty-three points. HNB leading the way upfront won the game as the final scorecard read 44-56.

Aitken Spence v Abans Group

The second game for the day in the ‘A’ division encounter was also played at Hendy Pedris Stadium. Aitken Spence had a slight cushion of three points into half-time as the scoreboard read 18-21.

Anuruddha who did most of the scoring for Aitken Spence topped the game with twenty-one points while Dilshan chipped in with eight points. Both Fareed and Pabasarascored ten points each for Abans Group.

Even though Abans Group trailed the game by three points in the half-time, they came back and added thirty points to the second half. Aitken Spence only managed to score twenty-six points. Abans ended up a point ahead  as the final scorecard read 48-47.

Commercial Credit & Finance v Union Assurance

The third game for the day was played at Hendry Pedris Stadium which was 74th match of the E division. Union Assurance trailed the game by four points into lemons as the scorecard depicted 22-26.

Isuru Perera scored twenty points for Union Assurance and topped the scorers list while Nipun Lakshitha scored ten points. Timothi Nithushan added nineteen points while Clinton Stallone scored thirteen points for Commercial Credit & Finance.

Going into the second half of the game, Commercial Credit & Finance added twenty-nine points. Commercial Credit & Finance won the game which went right down the wire by a couple of points as the final scorecard read 55-53.

David Peiris Motor Company (Women) v MAS Holdings (Women)

The E division women`s clash was played as the fourth match for the day at Otters Aquatic Club. David Peiris Motor Company was far behind as they trailed the game by fifteen points into lemons. The half time score read 11-26.

Shimali Yatagama scored ten points for MAS Holdings while Wendy Smith scored eight. Harshani added eight points for David Peiris Motor Company.

Going into the second half of the game it was no good for David Peiris Motor Company as they only managed seven points and they were replied with twenty-six points. MAS Holdings won the game 18-49 at full time.

Commercial Bank v MAS Holdings Blacks

The final match for the day was played at Otters Aquatic Club. Commercial Bank trailed by six points into half-time as the scores read 13-19.

Kavin Kumaran scored seventeen points for Commercial Bank and topped the game while Kushan Perera scored another nine points. Mohammed Jawed added fifteen points MAS Holdings Blacks followed by eight points from Mahesh Fernando.

Coming into the second half of the game Commercial Bank added twenty-seven points and MAS Holdings Black scored twenty-five points. At full time a four points lead helped MAS Holdings Black to win the game.