Seylan retain League Championship in a thriller against HNB


Gayanjali Amarawansa (HNB) - Best Center Court Player (Mercantile Netball League 2016)HNB - 'A' Division Runners-up (Mercantile Netball League 2016)Kanrich - 'C' Division Champions (Mercantile Netball League 2016)Seylan Bank - 'A' Division Champions (Mercantile Netball League 2016)Seylan Bank - Overall Champions (Mercantile Netball League 2016)Tharjini Sivalingam (Seylan Bank) - Best Shooter(Mercantile Netball League 2016)Vasana Lakmali (Seylan Bank) - Netball Queen(Mercantile Netball League 2016)Expo Lanka - 'B' Division Champions (Mercantile Netball League 2016)

Seylan Bank produced a brilliant second half performance to outclass Hatton National Bank 60-56 to retain the Mercantile Netball ‘A’ Division League Championship at the Thurstan College grounds.

‘A’ Division

In a thrilling decider, where the pendulum swung both ways, it was HNB who led at half time. HNB did have a number of current and former Sri Lanka players including the current Sri Lanka captain Gayani Dissanayake.

Photo Album: Mercantile Netball League 2016 – Day 1

However after a stern talk and a tactical plan at half time galvanized the defending champions as they produced a stunning defensive performance in the 3rd quarter.

They erased the deficit and at one point led by as many as 10 points. However a furious rally late in the 4th quarter saw HNB rack up seven unanswered points to come within a point (55-54) but a few mistakes and it was Seylan Bank who took advantage to speed home.

For the champions it was former Sri Lanka star player Tharjini Sivalingam and Vasana Lakmali who led the way from the front.

Photo Album: Mercantile Netball League 2016 – Day 2

With this win Seylan Bank avenged the Mercantile Netball Knockout semi-final loss to HNB a few months back and retained the League Championship which they won defeating the same opponent by a point last year.

‘A’ Division Results

HNB 62 – 13 CDB
Seylan Bank 29 – 14 Commercial Bank
HNB 42 – 14 Commercial Bank
Seylan Bank 51 – 29 CDB
Commercial Bank 48 – 52 CDB
Seylan Bank 60 – 56 HNB

‘B’ Division

In the ‘B’ Division decider it was Expo Lanka who defeated Sampath Bank 24-13.

Expo Lanka remained unbeaten winning against Singer and NTB 17-07 and 30-15 respectively. NTB who became runners-up won against Sampath Bank 24–15 and against Singer 15-05.

‘B’ Division Results

Sampath Bank 15 – 24 NTB
Expo Lanka 17 – 07 Singer
Sampath Bank 23 – 15 Singer
NTB 15 – 05 Singer
Expo Lanka 30 – 15 NTB
Sampath Bank 13 – 24 Expo Lanka

‘C’ Division Results

Kanrich 23 – 12 SLT
SLT 14 – 08 Access
Kanrich 21 – 10 Access

Special Awards

Netball Queen – Vasana Lakmali (Seylan)
Best Center Court Player – Gayanjali Amarawansa (HNB)
Best Shooter – Tharjini Sivalingam (Seylan Bank)
Best Defender – H.D.Mandira (Seylan Bank)
Best Male Player – Gayan Samaraweera (Seylan Bank)
Up-coming Player – Thakshila Sanadaruwani (MAS)