Sarasavi SC has it easy against Government Services SC


Sarasavi SC coasted through for a 3-1 win against Government Services SC in the 2016 Senior Inter League Championship match played at the Baddegana Football Complex.

It was a slow and steady start for Sarasavi SC as they took on GSSC as this match which was scheduled for last week, but unfortunate weather conditions forced the teams to postpone; and this time they couldn’t have picked a better day for football.

The game progressed in a slower pace than one would expect out of a football match but the goals made up for it.

 Photo Album – GSSC v Sarasavi SC – Senior Inter League 2016 

Sarasavi SC had better control of this match but GSSC got in some sneaky plays here and there. G.Ekanayake was deprived of a possible penalty early on in the match but the referee declined the appeal as he was not in a very good visual stance.

The first goal of the match came off the head of Kanishka Madhushanka of Sarasavi SC when he positioned himself right behind the goalkeeper to receive an incoming corner kick by Ranil Siri. The ball was too high for goalkeeper E.Sandamal and his lack of judgment cost the goal.

By this point neither teams seemed to have any interest in building better momentum and speed along the pace of this match.

Gayan Chathuranga of GSSC played an illegal tackle and got himself a yellow card awarding the opposition a free kick dangerously close to the goal box. A wall of defense put together by 6 men couldn’t stop the discharge and just when the ball seemed to be on its way to the back of the net over Sandamal’s head, he made an incredible leap just in time to punch it over the post.

Unfortunately Sandamal was not able to save the header that was shot from the resulting corner ball that came. Don Manah easily headed this one in. With this successful first half they went into the half-time break in the lead by two goals to nothing.

8 minutes into the second half Sarasavi sealed the win when Madushanka again scored with a thunderous long range effort which found the top corner.

GSSC played a better second half but could only score on the brink of the final whistle.

The final score would have been 4-1 only if Kanishka had some support at his side towards the end of the match but he found himself alone and unable to execute a perfectly good scoring opportunity.