, Sri Lanka’s number one sports hub celebrates 10 years of passion fueled reporting with an unconditional devotion to putting Sri Lanka sports on the map.

The website pioneered sports live-streaming in Sri Lanka setting an elevated standard in the trade. The instantaneous reporting of information, copious photo albums, in-depth and influential analysis on video and written and a variety of other exciting content makes it a favourite with all sports fans.

A concept that blossomed in the minds of two school boys with a single laptop and a camcorder is now 50+ strong with over a 150 more working on the fringes island-wide. Now managing a portfolio of over 30 sports, our dedicated crew work around the clock to keep the fans up to date with the news.

The ‘passion’ within has tipped over to off-shore destinations such as Europe and the Middle East where ardent Lankan followers evolve into ThePapare system and run fully-fledged coverages of Sri Lankans sports events overseas.  Our intimation is for you to join the bandwagon as well.

Our fire is mostly ignited by the hundreds and thousands of supporters who are always the ‘isotonic’ that keeps us running. Your most discerning expectations has us on our toes and sparks the enthusiasm to get it right and get it done.

As we approach this milestone, we send out a heartfelt thank you to our beloved fans for the support, understanding and loyalty. We will continue to endevour to full-fill your expectations and engage and involve with all of you even more. So call us, pester us, correct us but mostly gang up with us for one big celebration of Sri Lankan sports and