Antonian juniors run down Kingswood juniors


After losing a nail-biter to St. Joseph’s College Colombo, St. Anthony’s came back strong to win the under 14 match which kicked off at 2.00pm.  The Antonians displayed some really good performances from the beginning and they managed to beat Kingswood 12-0 after leading 7-0 in the 1st half.

Antonians managed to score an early try and they were in good form but unfortunately rain crashed in on the match. Both teams struggled to capitalize as they faced many handling errors but the Antonians somehow got some advantage from the conditions and they didn’t give away a single chance to the Kingswoodians.

Try no.2 came up for the Antonians in the second half which confirmed their first win of the tournament.

On the other hand, Antonians u16 also managed to win their first match of the tournament without letting Kingswood score a single try.  Antonians scored their first try in the first half and they got slowed down after which  Kingswood came up with some good performance but they couldn’t beat the Antonian defenders. Finally, at the last minute, the Antonians managed to score a try.

Final Scores

Under 14 – SACK 12(2T, 1C) – 00 KCK

Under 16 – SACK 10(2T) – 00 KCK