Ritzbury All Island Schools Relay Carnival 2023 Ignites Sugathadasa Stadium with Thrilling Performances

Ritzbury All Island Schools Relay Carnival 2023


The All Island Schools Relay Carnival, organized by the Sri Lanka School Athletics Association and sponsored by the beloved chocolate brand Ritzbury, kicked off yesterday (24th June) with great enthusiasm and anticipation at the Sugathadasa Stadium in Colombo.

An impressive display of talent was showcased on the opening day, with over 4000 athletes participating in preliminary round events and the thrilling finals of the 200m relay.

The under-14 girls’ 4x200m event witnessed an impressive performance from the Negombo Ave Maria Convent girls, who clinched victory with a remarkable time of 1:58.2 minutes. Meanwhile, in the under-16 girls’ 4x200m category, Ambagamuwa Central College secured a well-deserved win, demonstrating their speed and coordination on the track.

The under-18 girls’ 4x200m event added to the excitement of the day through a thrilling race, with the girls from Wattala Lyceum International School claiming victory in 1:45.2 seconds, while the under-20 girls’ 4x200m event continued the trend of impressive performances, as the team from Walala A. Rathnayaka Central College emerged triumphant.

In the boys’ division, Negombo Maris Stella athletes showcased their exceptional skills in the under-16 4x200m race, crossing the finish line in a remarkable time of 01:33.5 minutes. Their display of speed and precision earned them a well-deserved victory. Continuing their success, the Maris Stella athletes dominated the under-18 4x200m event, once again clinching first place with a time of 01:30.9 minutes.

The under-20 men’s 4x200m race witnessed intense competition as teams battled for glory. Matara Rahul Vidyalaya showcased their incredible speed and stamina, ultimately emerging as victors with an impressive time of 1:29.5 minutes.

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