Record breakers from the 41st National Sports Festival

Vinoj Suranjaya crossing the line in first place in the 100M final

The 41st National Sports Festival saw 2 New Sri Lanka Records and 10 New Meet Records being established.

N.C.D.Priyadarshani – Long Jump (Women) – 6.43m (New Sri Lanka & Meet Record)

Priyadarshani representing Western Province bettered her own Meet Record and broke the 13 year old Sri Lankan record with a jump of 6.43m.

The achievement has been a long time coming for the champion as she set the Meet Record back in 2008 with a jump of 6.30m while the Sri Lanka record she broke was set by N.K.Chandrasena with a jump of 6.40m back in 2002.

“I was in good condition because 10 days before this there was the South Asian Games selections where I jumped 6.35m and I went past the Sri Lanka record but they were foul jumps,” Priyadarshani who has won this event a staggering 13 times in the National Sports Festival added.

For her efforts she was named the Best Athlete (women) at the 41st National Sports Festival.

Ayesha Maduwanthi – Hammer Throw (Women) – 43.18m (New Sri Lanka & Meet Record)

Ayesha Maduwanthi replicated what she achieved in the 2014 National Sports Festival when she broke her own Sri Lanka and Meet record with a throw of 43.18m.

Her previous best was 42.74m at the 40th National Sports Festival.

“I came into the event with very good confidence because I had the records and wanted to improve my record this time too. Had intentions of going past the 45m mark but was not able to, so somewhat disappointed,”

Ayesha added.

“I only started the Hammer Throw last year, my event before was the Discus Throw and my coach Madawa Senarath helped me immensely with my training.”

“The Discuss and Hammer Throw events are not in the South Asian Games, but if it was I would have had the opportunity to represent Sri Lanka in many more international events and win a medal,” She went on to say.

Vinoj Suranjaya 100M – 10.45sec & 200M (Men) – 21.02sec (New Meet Records)

Vinoj Suranjaya had a dream 41st National Sports Festival when he broke the Meet Records in both the 100m and 200m events.

In the 100m he broke Chinthaka De Soysa’s record of 10.47secs which was set in 1998 and in the 200m broke Shehan Ambepitiya’s 2011 record of 21.28secs.

The nation will be keeping a keen eye on Sri Lanka’s fastest man in the upcoming South Asian Games.

L.A.Nimali – 800M (Women) – 2:05.32min (New Meet Record)

L.A.Nimali bettered her Meet Record by over a second and secured the Gold Medal in the 800M final.

Nimali who represents Southern Province had the previous record at 2:06.65min which she set in 2013 and is ever so swiftly is catching up on the long standing Sri Lanka Record of 2:03.85min which was set by Dammika Menike in 1992.

“I had the belief that I could easily go for the meet record because I had performed better than in 2013. I was more intent on breaking the Sri Lanka record but I missed it by just over a second due to the lack of competition in the race,”

said Nimali who secured the hat-trick of 800M gold medals.

“However, I am determined to break the Sri Lanka record and achieve Olympic Games entry standards in the upcoming South Asian Games,” a purposeful Nimali added.

Nimali was also placed 3rd in the 400M women’s final.

E.R.Dulakshi – 400M Hurdles (Women) – 59.51sec (New Meet Record)

Eranga Dulakshi from Southern Province broke the one minute barrier to set up the New Meet Record in the 400m hurdles event.

The previous best was by L.A.Nimali with a timing of 1:00.85 in 2012. The Sri Lanka Record is held by Sonali Meril with a timing of 56.45 in 2013.

“When I was training I knew I can get the gold medal but my target was the Sri Lanka Record,” Dulakshi mentioned her intentions coming into the event.

“I have been selected for the upcoming South Asian Games and I am hoping to bring a medal to Sri Lanka,” she added.

Dulakshi also won the goal medal in the 1500m.

Nadeeka Lakmali – Javelin Throw (Women) – 58.52m (New Meet Record)

The Sri Lanka Record holder from the Southern Province broke her own Meet Record of 57.89m which she set in 2013.

Her Sri Lanka Record stands at 60.64m which she set in 2013.

Nilani Rathnayake – 5,000M (Women) – 16:50.67min (New Meet Record)

Nilani Rathnayake representing Sabaragamuwa Province clocked 16:50.67min to better the previous Meet Record by nearly a second, which was 16:51.55min set by T.A.Abeyrathna of Southern Province in 2012.

However no one has even come close to the National Record in recent times, which is 16:21.18min set by P.S.N.Jayasena in 2003.

Vidusha Lakshani – Triple Jump (Women) – 12.98m (New Meet Record)

Vidusha Lakshani from Western Province bettered the record by just 3cm to claim the Meet Record, which was previously set by Anusha Ekneligoda of Western Province with a distance of 12.95m in 2000.

The Sri Lanka Record is held by H.D.V.Lakmali with a distance of 13.49m which was set earlier in 2015.

S.J.Ranasinghe – Javelin Throw (Men) – 75.91m (New Meet Record)

S.J.Ranasinghe made certain he now holds the Meet Record, as well as the Sri Lanka Record, which he set in the early part of 2015 with a distance of 83.04m.

The lad from Sabaragamuwa Province secured the meet record with a throw of 75.91m, which was previously held by J.A.S.Maduranga of Western Province with a distance of 73.47m.

H.I.Sandaruwan – Pole Vault (Men) – 4.83m (New Meet Record)

Sri Lanka Record holder Sandaruwan successfully cleared a height of 4.83m to set a new Meet Record. Sandaruwan representing Western Province broke the previous record of 4.72m by Pradeep Perera also from Western Province in 2001.

Sandaruwan’s Sri Lanka Record stands at 4.91m, which he set earlier this year (2015).

Southern Province – 4x400M Relay (Women) – 3:43.98min (New Meet Record)

The combination of G.N.Madushika, T.A.Abeyrathne, E.R.Dulakshi and L.A.Nimali broke the previous Meet Record by over a second.

They set the a mark of 3:43.98min, breaking the record set by North Western Province in 2011, which was 3:45.21min.