Will it be Gateway or S. Thomas’ this Saturday?


The inaugural football encounter between two leading schools S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia and Gateway College for the Neville de Alwis-Ralph Alles Challenge Trophy will be played at the Gateway College Grounds, Ratmalana on Saturday (26th January) under floodlights.

S. Thomas’ & Gateway in inaugural Neville De Alwis- Ralph Alles Challenge Trophy

S.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia will play Gateway College..

This match has been organized in memory of the two legendary and visionary educationalists who were Warden and Chairman of the two great schools of the island. Neville de Alwis was the Warden of S.Thomas’ for 15 years and Ralph Alles was the Chairman of Gateway.

Both present heads of the two schools are extremely keen to encourage the global game and hope to usher an era with fair competition, friendship, team spirit and respect for written and unwritten rules such as integrity which are the building blocks of fair play that can be experienced and learnt both on and off the field.

S. Thomas’ won against Trinity in their annual football encounter played at the end of last year. The team is led by Shevaan Ebenezar and coached by former national R.M.U. Mahindapala.

Gateway College, the hosts of the inaugural match, emerged champions at last year’s U20 Inter-International Schools football tournament. Gateway team is captained by Rashane Wijewardena and coached by James Heath.

Both teams are evenly balanced with skillful players who promise to provide spectators an interesting and thrilling game.

The organizing committee hopes that this annual encounter and the facilities provided by the two schools will encourage players to learn not just how to play the game, but how to play in the spirit of the game and equip themselves to deal with victory and defeat in the right manner.

Warden of S. Thomas’, Rev. Marc Billimoria and Chairman of Gateway, Dr. Harsha Alles will be the Chief Guests at this occasion.

Live: Gateway College v S. Thomas’ College | Neville De Alwis-Ralph Alles Challenge Trophy 2019

Preceding the seniors match an U14 match between both schools will be played with the kick off at 3.00 pm. This will be followed by a friendly match between Gateway College and Visakha Vidyalaya U20 girls’ teams.

Gateway College Squad

Rashane Wijewardena (captain), Aneeb Niyas (vice-captain), Isa Fahim, Umar Fazeer, Nansika Koggodaarachchi, Herschelle de Mel, Binitha Chandrasena, Abdulla Zahir, Dwayne de Mel, Malidu Gallage, Atif Frand, Atheek Eusoof, Jahan Malik, Aaqib Imthiyaz, Rafaah Suhail, Ahil Ahmed, Munir Aslam, Samunu Koggodaarachchi

S. Thomas’ College Squad

David Shevaan Ebenezar (captain), V. de Alwis (vice-captain), M. J. Shuhaib, A. Janees, M. T. Rabel, T. S. J. Weerathunga, J. A, Fernando, R. Vengadesh, N. M. Perera, R. Wijesinha, K. Suhaib, M. J. Rodrigo, S. Dharmendra, A. Ranaweera, A. J. Benjamin, W. L. R. Fernando, J. R. Samarakone, K. Kamalchandra, N. R. Nanayakkara

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