Lyca Gnanam Foundation to support Sri Lanka Football Youth Initiatives

Sri Lanka Football Youth Initiatives

Lyca Gnanam partnership Sri Lanka Football

The Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) is proud to announce a series of innovative initiatives that are transforming the football landscape in Sri Lanka. These reforms are designed to strengthen the national team and elevate the sport to new heights in the Asian region. 

Under its new strategy, the Sri Lanka national football team is incorporating professional players and coaching staff, positioning itself to become a prominent force in South Asian football. The ultimate goal is to secure victory in the South Asian Championship, establishing Sri Lanka as a formidable contender.

A key component of this transformation is the development of youth football into a professional format. This approach aims to discover and nurture new talent, providing a clear pathway for young players to reach the national team. Central to this effort are two major youth competitions, with the Under-19 (U19) category being a critical focus. 

Branded as Y19, the first national youth league will be launched across the island, featuring an impressive 440 teams from 55 cities. This league will involve 11,000 players, 2,500 club officials, and over 1,000 coaches and referees in its initial phase. The final phase of the competition will culminate in 24 district teams, where the top talents will represent their districts, vying for the prestigious trophy. These district teams will be supported by local and international brands, enhancing the league’s appeal to the public. 

The Lyca Gnanam Foundation, founded in 2010 by Mr. Alliraja Subaskaran, is partnering with Sri Lanka Football to empower youth, both boys and girls, through football initiatives in every district. This partnership marks the beginning of a well-planned long-term journey, with the Lyca Gnanam Foundation committed to making football the people’s game across all communities. 

The Lyca Gnanam Foundation has a strong track record of conducting social programs in all 25 districts, focusing on critical areas such as health, education, agriculture, youth empowerment for both men and women, and overall community development. The Foundations mission is to foster sustainable development, ensuring a brighter future for all. 

Furthermore, the competition will be powered by strategic partners Lyca Gnanam Foundation, ShiftX  and other media and corporate brands, allowing everyone to enjoy the beautiful game of football. The mega launch of the tournament is expected in July, inclusive of a grand opening ceremony.