India could lose hosting rights for Champions Trophy 2021

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After the meeting of its Board on Friday (February 9), the International Cricket Council (ICC) stated that they were exploring possible alternative hosts for the ICC Champions Trophy in 2021, which is scheduled to be held in India.

It is standard practice for major sporting events to receive tax exemptions from the host government, and the ICC has been seeking the same, but to no avail so far. Due to this concern, they’re now looking at countries in a similar time zone, while simultaneously looking for a breakthrough with the Indian government.

“In other matters, the Board expressed their concern around the absence of a tax exemption from the Indian Government for ICC events held in India despite ongoing efforts from both the ICC and BCCI to secure the exemption which is standard practice for major sporting events around the world,” it was stated in an ICC release.

“The Board agreed that ICC management, supported by the BCCI will continue the dialogue with the Indian Government but in the meantime directed ICC management to explore alternative host countries in a similar time zone for the ICC Champions Trophy 2021.”

Separately, it was announced that Afghanistan and Ireland, who were granted Full Member status in June 2017, will receive increased fund allocations.

“The new model will see Ireland and Afghanistan each receiving a percentage of the projected surplus, amounting under current projections to approximately $40m each over the course of the current eight year commercial rights cycle,” ICC stated.

It was also announced that Indra Nooyi, Chairwoman and CEO of PepsiCo, will become ICC’s first female Independent Director, as part of a wide-ranging constitutional change to improve global governance of the sport.