Galigamuwa Central girls sets example


The main concern for any school sportsman or sportswoman is maintaining a balance between education and the sport they play. Dedication is an essential part of achieving this feat.

Galigamuwa Central & St. Xavier’s DSI Volleyball U17 champions

Galigamuwa Central College and St. Xavier’s College, Marawila won the U17 Girls’ and Boys’ championships respectively…

Although volleyball is most popular in the Wayamba, Southern and Western Provinces, the girls from a school in the Kegalle District, have managed to lay claim to all-island championships.

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The team won this year’s DSI Supersport Schools Volleyball Championship U17 Championship and will have to work hard to keep up with incomparable academic performances as well.

The above photo is of the Galigamuwa MMV players in Embilipitiya participating in the U22 category in the Dialog President’s Gold Cup Volleyball Tournament. The team played their hearts out on the courts and the crowds enjoyed the action despite the hot conditions.

Siri Parakum Sports Club, a team full of O/L students from Galigamuwa MMV entered the finals in the U22 division just a few days before the GCE O/L examination. Despite being just 16 years of age, the players were determined to perform against older players. In keeping with this, our intention is to appreciate the student athletes for their dedication to both the sport and their education.

Wijaya, Kapila, Casualline & Siri Parakum in Women’s finals

Wijaya SC and Kapila SC will play in the Women’s Open final while Casualline SC and Siri Parakum SC will meet in the….

These kids are a good example that excelling in sport and education is possible. Parents and teachers are need to also understand the value of sport and the value of maintaining a balance between education and sport. Special appreciation should also be given to the students’ volleyball coach Amila Wijepala.

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