FIFA bans Sri Lanka Football

FIFA bans Football Federation of Sri Lanka 2023

FIFA has banned the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) from 21st January 2023 until further notice. This was confirmed in a circular sent to all member associations today (22nd January) by FIFA.

The circular states,

“We hereby inform you that, as a result of the decision taken by the Bureau of the FIFA Council on 21st January 2023, the FFSL has been suspended until further notice in accordance with article 16 of the FIFA statutes.

Consequently, with effect from 21st January 2023, the FFSL has lost all of its membership rights, as defined in article 13 of the FIFA statutes, until further notice. The FFSL representative and club teams are therefore no longer entitled to take part in international competitions until the suspension is lifted. This also means that neither the FFSL nor any of its members or officials may benefit from any development programs, courses, or training from FIFA and/or the AFC. Moreover, we would remind you and your affiliates not to enter into any sporting contact with the FFSL and/or its teams while the FFSL is suspended.


Finally, the Bureau of the FIFA Council or the FIFA Council may lift this suspension at any time before the next FIFA Congress takes place. Should this occur, we will inform you accordingly.” 

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