England lose more WTC points for slow over-rate in first Ashes Test


England have been docked eight ICC World Test Championship points – three more than previously stated – for maintaining a slow over-rate in the first Ashes Test against Australia.

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Last Saturday, it was announced that England would be docked five WTC points, one for each over they were found to initially have fallen short by. However, it has since emerged they were eight overs short, and will therefore lose three additional points.

That left them with six points after five Tests in the ongoing 2021-23 cycle of the WTC, putting them at the 7th spot in the table, with a win percentage of 10%.

England were also fined 100% of their match fee for the breach. “England were eight overs short (not five overs short as previously announced) but were only fined 100 per cent of their match fee due to the limit,” the ICC said.

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“However, the points deduction for penalty overs is not capped and must reflect the actual number of penalty overs a team is short of the minimum requirement as per Clause 16.1.2 of the ICC Playing Conditions, hence they have been penalised one point for each over they were short.”

England, who lost the first Ashes Test by nine wickets, were also penalised for poor over rate in the home series against India in July-August, meaning they’ve now conceded a total of 10 points to slow over rate.