A complacent Police SC fell prey to Army SC as the latter dominated with a three goal lead in their Women’s Division 1 Club Championship encounter before a torrential downpour postponed play to a later date.

On paper it seemed quite a evenly matched game as both teams are formidable and capable of overcoming their opponents.

It was a rather balanced first few minutes with Police and Army creating some great passages of play. However, that changed after the 10 minute mark as K. Liyanage, S. Gunawardhana , and C. Karunarathna of Army continuously linked up to dominate the midfield.

Photos: Police SC v Army SC – Premier League Women’s Division I 2016/17

The first goal came through some wonderful play on the right side which allowed a pinpoint cross into the box by S. Gunanawardhana of Army to find the feet of an open K. Liyanage leading to an easy tap in for the striker.

It was quite clear that Radeeka Sajeewani and Shanika Dilrukshi could not contain the dominating midfield trio as they left quite a wide gap for potential chances.

Lakshani Anuruddhika of Police did try to persuade her team with some trickery on the ball to get past some defenders; however, none of her teammates were on the same wavelength as she was trying to allow her midfielders to overlap.

Army grabbed the second goal from a set piece where Gunawardhana lifted the ball well into the box which made for an unsuccessful clearance that lacked distance, but achieved great height, therefore allowing N. Madushani to easily slot in a header to an open goal.

The first half ended in a one sided show with Army SC clearly in the driving seat with two goals in the bag.

Half Time : Police SC 0 – 2 Army SC

The second half of the match started with a light downpour, however, that was not enough to dampen the spirits of either team.

The same midfield trio of Army once again established themselves in controlling the centre of the pitch, thereby creating most of the chances for the Army side.

The dominant Army side showed its goal scoring prowess yet again when Gunanawardhana of Army took a corner only to be headed by Chathurika Madushani of Police for an own goal, giving Army a third goal.

It was attack after attack from Army SC with the keeper of Police, Dulika Chamali arguably being the most active player for the Police side.

A torrential downpour came down making it difficult for the players to control the ball and officials to regulate the match and the officials decided to postpone the match on the 67th minute.

Second Half (as it stands) : Police SC 0 – 3 Army SC

Goal scorers

Army SC – K. Liyanage 14’, N. Madushani 47’, Chathurika Madushani(OG) 50’

ThePapare.com speaking to the match commissioner about the ultimate decision of the match;

“The match is currently postponed and will recommence on another suitable day in order to play the remaining 23 minutes”