Dominant performance showcased by the Cops at Police Park


Police SC went to take on Air Force SC at Police Park grounds in the final game of the first round of Nippon Paint Rugby League 2023/2024, on the 20th of January. Police managed to complete their run in the first round with a win, beating Air force by 34 – 22 points. 

The Cops’ 34 points comprised of 4 tries, 3 conversions and 1 penalty, and the Wingmen’s 22 points came up with 3 tries, 2 conversions and 1 penalty.  

Just after 8 minutes into the game, Gayantha Iddamalgoda opened the scorecard of Air Force by putting up a penalty kick through. However,, Police had the chance to tally the scorecard from penalty kick in favor of them just after 2 minutes from that penalty kick, but unfortunately missed it. (PSC 00 – 03 AFSC) 

Nevertheless, the determined Police lads went for their first try of the game in the 16th minute from a powerful driving maul. The try was scored by the Hooker, Deshan Fernando who went through perfectly from the back of the maul. Shaveen Jayawardana converted it perfectly for the 2 points as well. That was their opening of the account in the match. (PSC 07 – 03 AFSC) 

In the 26th minute of the game, a careless knock forward by the Wingmen gave the chance to the Cops to score. After they opted to go for a scrum at 10m out from the 22m line, Police was able to work their line brilliantly to the right side corner, getting closer to the try line. It was just a matter of time as after few pick and gos and from either side running, No. 08 of Police SC Vihanga Pithuru scored the second try of the game. It was followed up by a perfect conversion by Jayawardana. (PSC 14 – 03 AFSC) 

Despite of not scoring a try, Air Force gave a comeback in the 38th minute, scoring their first try in the game by a wonderfully set up maul. The Skipper Parakrama Rathnayaka showed his leadership skills by scoring the first try for the team. The conversion went right through the posts with swing off Iddamalgoda’s boot. The path for that try was paved by the mistakes of the Cops throughout the phases. This closed the gap to 4 points, with both teams going into the half time. (PSC 14 – 10 AFSC) 

There were many opportunities for both teams to capitalise, but Police managed to make the best gains, coming out to be on top of Air Force. 

Half Time: POLICE SC 14 – 10 AIR FORCE SC  

Turning things upside down in the 49th minute, the speedster Matheesha Perera had the chance to bounce on to the knocked-on ball from Air Force to score a spectacular try in the advantage, covering almost 40m of the ground. The 40m dash led the Cops to extend their lead with the spot on conversion as well. (PSC 21 – 10 AFSC) 

Just minutes after that try, Akash Madusanka performed a one man show by stealing the ball from the ruck in the 53rd minute of the game to find himself at the try line saluting the 4th try of the game for Police. Unfortunately, it was not completed with a conversion. (PSC 26 – 10 AFSC) 

The 55th minute of the game heated up the drama at Police Park when the Cops got penalized for a high tackle and received a yellow card. Air Force did not hesitate a second to go for the touch, knowing that their 3rd try was on the way. At the 57th minute, Parakkrama scored his second try by another powerful driving maul to mark the Wingmen’s 2nd try of the game. Yet again Iddamalgoda did not disappoint Air Force, with the conversion getting through. (PSC 26 – 17 AFSC) 

Tensionin the police dugout was raised by the players with a missed penalty kick and getting the second yellow card of the game at the 63rd minute due to another high tackle.  

Just after couple of moves, Prince Chamara used his second chance to score for the Police SC with his successful kick to goal to increase the lead again. (PSC 29 – 17 AFSC) 

Police being penalized in the 72nd minute gave the chance to Air Force to go for another lineout. With another penalty coming their way, Air Force stuck to their plan of going for another kick to touch straightaway. This time, with the plan working as hoped, the Wingmen scored their 3rd try of the game in the 76th minute through the big lad, Hasindu Hemasiri, who became the man behind success. This time, Iddamalgoda was unable to convert the 2 points to the scorecard. (PSC 29 – 22 AFSC) 

Minutes away from the final whistle, Police went on to show their dominance with Sameera Jayasinghe, scoring their 4th try in the 78th minute. (PSC 34 – 22 AFSC) 

This showdown ended by bringing victory to Police SC against Air Force SC by 34 – 22 points. 

The action-packed package of talent Akash Madusanka became the backbone of the win, even leading him to clinch the Black Knight Player of the Match title. 

Full Time: POLICE SC 34 (5T 3C 1P) beat AIR FORCE SC 22 (3T 2C 1P) 

Black Knight Player of the Match: AKASH MADUSANKA (POLICE SC) 

Points Breakdown 

POLICE SC –  Akash Madusanka (1T), Vihanga Pivithuru (1T), Deshan Fernando (1T), Sameera Jayasinghe (1T), Matheesha Perera (1T), Shaveen Jayawardana (3C), Prince Chamara (1P) 

AIR FORCE SC – Parakrama Rathnayaka (2T),  Hasindu Hemasiri (1T), Gayantha Iddamalgoda (2C 1P)