Dialog Rugby League to commence in November

Dialog Rugby League 2019/20


The exciting club rugby action will be back for its 2019/20 edition on the 29th of November 2019 when the Navy v Havelock SC encounter kicks off at Welisara. 

The country’s top tier club tournament will feature 8 clubs contesting for the coveted league title over 2 rounds, with each round consisting of 7 weeks of rugby action. 

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In contrast to last year, this year’s tournament will not feature the super round following the conclusion of the 14-week league structure and will stick to the original structure. 

Dialog Clifford Cup winners 2019 – Havelock SC

The tournament that will kick off on the 29th of November, will see the 1st round run until 18th January 2020. The second round will follow soon after. 

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Kandy Sports Club who finished as league champions for the 5th successive year will get the top seed in the fixtures while runners up and Dialog Clifford Cup winners Havelock SC will claim the second seeding. 

Kandy Sports Club emerged as champions after a 16 week season last year

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The fixtures for the 1st round is as follows: 

Week Date Home Team vs Visiting Team Venue Time
Week – 1 29-Nov Navy vs Havelock SC Welisara 4.00 pm
  29-Nov CH & FC vs Army SC CH & FC Ground 4.00 pm
  30-Nov CR & FC vs Police SC Longdon Place 4.00 pm
  1-Dec Kandy SC vs Air Force SC Nittawala 4.00 pm
Week – 2 6-Dec Havelock SC vs Police SC Havelock Park 6.30 pm
  6-Dec Army SC vs Air Force SC Police Park 4.00 pm
  7-Dec CH & FC vs CR & FC Racecourse 4.00 pm
  7-Dec Kandy SC vs Navy SC Nittawala 4.00 pm
Week-3 13-Dec Navy SC vs Police SC Welisara 4.00 pm
  14-Dec CH & FC vs Havelock SC CH & FC Ground 4.00 pm
  14-Dec Kandy SC vs Army SC Nittawala 4.00 pm
  15-Dec Air Force SC vs CR & FC Ratmalana 4.00 pm
Week-4 19-Dec CH & FC vs Navy SC CH & FC Ground 4.00 pm
  21-Dec Air Force SC vs Havelock SC Ratmalana 4.00 pm
  21-Dec Police SC vs Kandy SC Police Park 4.00 pm
  21-Dec CR & FC vs Army SC Longdon Place 4.00 pm
Week-5 3-Jan Navy SC vs Air Force SC Welisara 4.00 pm
  3-Jan Police SC vs CH & FC Police Park 4.00 pm
  4-Jan CR & FC vs Kandy SC Longdon Place 4.00 pm
  4-Jan Army SC vs Havelock SC Police Park 4.00 pm
Week-6 10-Jan Air Force SC vs Police SC Ratmalana 4.00 pm
  10-Jan Navy SC vs Army SC Welisara 4.00 pm
  11-Jan CH & FC vs Kandy SC Racecourse 4.00 pm
  11-Jan Havelock SC vs CR & FC Havelock Park 6.30 pm
Week-7 17-Jan Air Force SC vs CH & FC Ratmalana 4.00 pm
  17-Jan Army SC vs Police SC Police Park 4.00 pm
  18-Jan CR & FC vs Navy SC Longdon Place 4.00 pm
  18-Jan Havelock SC vs Kandy SC Havelock Park

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