Friday, March 8th 2017, Colombo: In yet another awareness initiative under DFCC Bank’s ‘Know & Grow’ campaign aimed at empowering the people of Sri Lanka, DFCC has tied up with to publish interesting content about cricket and the Big Match Season in order to reach out to past and present students who are passionate about the tradition of this tournament.

The Big Match Season which forms an intrinsic part of the nation’s sporting history provides an opportunity for DFCC Bank to spread awareness about ten key encounters and the rich history surrounding these events. DFCC Bank expects this to be the first of many more such gestures by the Bank towards benefitting students from more schools in the future to encourage love of sport amongst youth. By partnering with, the country’s largest online hub for sports, match results and other useful information will be shared with audiences both here and abroad.

Commenting on the partnership, Arjun Fernando – CEO, DFCC Bank, said, “We are pleased to add value to the big match season by sharing the history, legacies, statistics and live details on the ten big match encounters as the matches’ progress, together with At DFCC Bank, we see schools cricket as a defining characteristic of Sri Lanka’s culture. It brings people together including local authorities, governing bodies, communities, coaches, adults, young people, children and the entire nation in support. Thus, we want to see this recognised at the highest level and have chosen ten big matches which are being played in different parts of the country, in order to increase awareness on the rich history surrounding the events. Furthermore, as a Bank, we encourage sports in our work culture and consider it an important arena where youth learn the value of hard work, determination and teamwork, qualities that stand them in good stead in the workplace. is the country’s largest online hub for sports and this information will be shared with audiences both in Sri Lanka and abroad. We are sure that this information will be valued by fans of the game, students and past pupils of the respective schools. This is yet another milestone in our valuable ‘Know and Grow’ campaign.”

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Commenting on this latest tie-up, Ganeesha David, Chief Editorial Manager of said, “We are pleased to tie up with DFCC Bank in their unique knowledge building initiative for the Big match Season. We will be featuring special articles for each of the popular big matches digitally on our site generating greater interest in the matches. All content will be developed by our team at”

The Know & Grow campaign is a timely initiative for DFCC Bank to educate the people of Sri Lanka and grow their knowledge. By leveraging on an easy-to-use digital platform, DFCC Bank wants to reach out to the youth and other section of society and extend to them the opportunity to gain more knowledge about life around them. DFCC Bank is committed to empowering citizens through public interest initiatives.