Carlton Cup 2014: “We are the team” Philip Vukosarljevic, Skipper Avant Garde BC


The twenty second match of the Carlton Basketball Championships was played between Avant Garde BC and HSC Blacks BC in the middle of a full house. It was the type of encounter where the leading point scorer of the tournament was up against the leading rebounding king of the tournament.

Though the fundamentals say that defence is important, yesterday it was proved how important the offence is when Avant Garde BC emerged victorious in a game that went right down to the wire.  

It was an important match for both the teams in the course of the tournament. Philip Vukosarljevic drew first blood of the game right after the first possession and got the lead on his outfit by two points. HSC Blacks BC stepping in to the game as a young side did play breath-taking minutes of basketball during the first ten minutes of the game. Both the teams were equally matched with the rebounding factor and did perform well in the factor too. Avant Garde BC scored many of their points with the post-up isolation play while the home team scored points by shooting off mid -range jumpers who swished the nets at ease. It was a good offensive passage of play by both sides when the quarter closed down with a lead of two points by the home team.

The second quarter started off for the home team with the hopes of increasing their lead and building on the foundation but it was never an easy task in the hands of the opposition.  Both the teams scoring right after one another had the momentum of the game shifting up. Philip Vukosarljevic   swishing the nets with a three pointer bought down the lead into just one point and the free-throws that were converted into points by Dilshan Bavati squared the game 28-28.Though the home team got the lead once again, back to back three shots from Chamath Danawamsa of the visitors squared the game for lemons.

(Half Time – Avant Garde BC – 34 HSC Blacks BC – 34)

It was anyone`s game to take back home when the final twenty minutes of the game commenced. It was important for Evaldas Tviraga to have a good rebounding night and pass on the ball wide across the floor for the fast break.  Though he did try his heart out it was insufficient for them to seal the game away. The home team having a bit of a drawback during this quarter scored only eleven points while the visitors scored twenty four points which was the turning point of the game. Both sides were penetrating into the defence and drawing fouls but the luck played its part on the visitors side when they converted almost all into points. Though Philip Vukosarljevic is the leading the scorer of the tournament  the enlightening talent ofdishing assists to the rest of the players is highly commendable. With good ball movement all around the visitors closed down the quarter with a thirteen point lead.

The character of a sports personality is highly respected due to obvious reasons, but Philip Vukosarljevic   left the question in the mind of spectators as to whether the game only teaches you to accept victory but not defeat. It was such a pity sight to witness when he tried to get into brawl over incompetent reasons. As a skipper of a team he should lead the side with responsibility while setting an example. 

Avant Garde BC built up the lead on the solid foundation they planted during the third quarter and the home team`s reply was not strong enough to overcome the situation. The fast-breaks went off with a blink of an eye and the home team defence was scattered into a positing where the transference from defence to offence was in such a poor manner. With all the drama happening around the stage Avant Garde BC drew the curtains close after a comfortable victory fourteen points.

(Full time – Avant Garde BC – 83 HSC Blacks BC – 69)