There were 50 New Meet Records established by several athletes at ISAC 2020, with a new meet record set in nearly all the events that took place at the games last weekend.

With a total of 32 records, the highest number of records were set by Lyceum International School Wattala, while Gateway College Colombo set 22 records. 

Under 14

Kenul Dulmin from Lyceum International Wattala set 3 New Meet Records, with performances of 10.0s in the 80m sprint, 12.54s in the 100m sprint final and 5.57m in the long jump final. He was the most decorated athlete in the Boys’ Under 14 age group.

Under 16

Seneca Gunaratne set two new meet records with performances of 12.61 seconds in the 100m sprint finals and 26.0s in the 200m sprint finals.

Naleema De Zoysa from Lyceum International School Panadura set three new meet records. Firstly in the Girls’ Long Jump final with a distance of 4.93m, then in the High Jump final with a height of 1.51m, and in the 100m hurdles final with a timing of 17.58s.

Isali Malkethmi from Lyceum International School Wattala set two new meet records as well. She managed a distance of 11.59m in the Shot Putt 3kg finals and 24.15m in the Discus Throw 1kg final.

Under 18

Pasindu Gunawardena from Gateway College Colombo set two new meet records, in the 100m Boys’ final,200m Boys’ final and 400m Boys’ final with timings of 11.1s, 21.8s and 48.45s respectively.

Under 20

Kavindu Bandara from Lyceum International School Nugegoda established a New Meet Record in the 100m finals with a timing of 10.78s.

Santhush Weerasinghe of Lyceum Internation School wattala established a new meet record in the 200m Boys’ finals with a timing of  21.8s.

Shelinda Jansen from Gateway College Colombo also set a NMR in the Girls’ 100m final with a timing of 11.94 seconds.

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