Another drama filled encounter ending in mayhem


Kingwood College took on St. Anthony’s College today at Bogambara as the penultimate game in the schools rugby league which ended in total disaster with the police being called in to settle matters.  

The kick off made was full out thus the game began with a scrum on the center line. Kingwoodians kept holding their territory right from the start of the play. In the 3rd minute Antonian scrum was penalized for wheeling thus Kingswoodians gained an opportunity to kick at goal and to have an early lead. K.M Perera who has performed well throughout the season was unsuccessful this time therefore the scores showed no changes.

A turnover ball won and with some clean passes, Antonian outside center R. Rumesh made a 50 meter sprint for a try attempt until he was tackled when there was 5 meters to go for the touchdown.  Kingswoodians were penalized for coming in from the side in the 17th minute and this gave the opportunity Antonians to put their first points on the board. But the kicker Sajith Hemantha was unfortunate to land the kick successfully.

With an opposition lineout won, Kingswoodians drove with some fine techniques towards the try line until they met with a bruising tackle from the Antonian inside center Charles Praveen. Antonians defense gave no room for the Kingswoodians to cross the try line. In 19th minute Antonians were penalized for high tackle near their own 22 and gave the opposition a chance to kick at goal. This time the kicker made no mistakes with his boots to clip the penalty over the bar and to have a lead for 3 nil.

Afterwards Antonian came up stronger, with some excellent workings by the line Antonian left winger C.B Ranaraja crossed the line mirthfully marking his first try for the season but Sjith’s kick was insufficient to land over the bar.

In the 29th minute yet again Antonians were penalized for high tackling thus Kingswoodians retained an opportunity to kick at goal. The kicker was on target for 6-5.

At the brink of first half, once again Antonians acquired a chance to kick at goal and to have a lead at the short whistle. The kick made by Sajith from the 22 meter mark was landed right in front of the uprights. Therefore Kingswoodians had a single point lead at the lemons.   

Half Time : KCK 6 (2 P) – SACK 5 (1T)

Into the second period both teams exposed an aggressive mode of play. In the 48th minute, suddenly a tussle erupted on the field with players from both sides going for each other. The ongoing fight spilled to the sidelines with spectators throwing stones and joining in the episode. Due to the uncontrollable conditions, the referee concluded the play with a long whistle.

The SLSRFA states that a decision will be given after an inquiry is held & it is reported that some school boys have been hospitalized after the incident.

Full Time : KCK 6 (2 P) – SACK 5 (1T)