Can Ladies’ regain lost glory?


The 14th Ladies-Musaeus regatta, commonly known as the LC-MC regatta, is set to get underway on the 7th of October 2017, at the Colombo Rowing Club.

This friendly annual regatta started in 2004 with the aim of developing a good friendship between both schools and this would be a greater opportunity for both teams to showcase their talents and skills.

Ladies’ College have been on the winning side 9 times and Musaeus have tasted victory three times in the series while both teams shared the spoils on one occasion.

Taking a brief look at both teams.

Ladies’ College

This year’s team will be led by Davina Koch and will aim to bring back the trophy that they lost last year. Ladies’ crew has had a great year as they won several regattas including Sri Lanka National Rowing Championship.

This year’s Ladies College crew have the edge in terms of experience with a total of 8 colours women. The most senior campaigners have no less than 5 years in the rowing arena.  Captain of Ladies’ College said ‘In our crew we have 4 main seniors and 8 well experienced rowers’

Shannon Perera and Nihara Waravita would support Davina and the crew as vice captains in the Ladies’ College team. Ishara Abbey, Nadia Jaysinghe, Dimagi Perera, Kavisha Dassanayake, Anelka Karunarathne, Ashvini Subasinghe and Janindri Fernando will be the backbone of the crew as the most seniors and experienced of the team.

The rising juniors; Ayani Perera, Avani Amerasinghe, Anithra Fernando, Gabrielle Senanayake, Chalya Rodrigo and Anya Dewapura have performed and will be expected to perform at this year’s regatta as well.

Speaking with, Captain Davina mentioned ‘We have been practicing for our annual regatta from January and training got intense with regatta getting close. From August onwards, we have being practicing extremely hard and this year we have gotten a good crew which combines both juniors and seniors. Also, we have built up a very good mental strength and we are really focused about our regatta this time unlike last year. Our main intention is to do our very best and make our school, coach, teachers and parents proud.

Musaeus College

This year’s team will led by Senuri De Silva, the most experienced campaigner of the crew. Senuri has been a part of Musaeus College crew for more than 5 years and undoubtedly is hungry for a MC victory.

She will be assisted by Maedihini De Alwis who is another well experienced pillar of the Musaeus rowing crew. MC will also include Dinara Fernando, Ishanka Hewakapura and Thanushi Perera, yet again having been around for more than 3 years.

The senior cox, Mayanth Weerakoon, Binali De Alwis, Lishadi Mayadunne and Ranuli Wickramasekara will be seeking to play a major role this year. There will be 8 freshers in the crew and will be looking forward to take a shot at this year’s regatta.

In terms of the season results, Musaeus College has had success in many regattas and they have participated in most of the regatta events that took place this year.

Speaking to, skipper Senuri De Silva said “We have been practicing for more than 10 months for this regatta, and we have a crew with 18 this year. Four of our seniors left but we have 8 seniors and experienced members and we have done more strength training adding to this team. We are looking forward to retain our trophy which we got last year and to do our best when we go out there. We are looking forward to make our dreams become a reality on this regatta”.