Will the Shuttlers be left behind next year?


With the Commonwealth Games 2018 fast approaching, the suspension on the National body of Badminton by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) not too long ago, is resurfacing as a serious issue. The annual Commonwealth Games are scheduled to take place next April in Gold Coast, Australia.

Niluka and Dinuka to play one last time

The powerhouses of Sri Lanka Badminton, brothers Dinuka and Niluka Karunaratne are off to Norway…

As per the General Secretary of the National Olympic Committee, Maxwell De Silva, participation of the Sri Lanka Badminton team is currently under discussion at the authorities of the Commonwealth Federation. The BWF has imposed clause 13.5 in the rules and regulations of the BWF constitution and the SLBA has been given a grace period to rectify and reason out a proposition to the BWF board before 31st December 2017. The Sri Lanka Badminton Association was penalized under code 5.2 and 5.3 which are stated below:

5.2 The Federation shall allow Members complete autonomy in their own territory. It will have no part in purely national issues unless such issues affect the international image or the Olympic status of the sport in any way. When the autonomy of a Member is being compromised, the Federation shall take any appropriate measures.

5.3 Members must manage their internal affairs with total independence and ensure that no third party interferes in their operations. Members must remain autonomous and resist political, religious and financial pressure which may infringe their commitment to conform to the Federation’s Constitution. Any external form of interference or attempt shall be reported to the Federation.

The all-so famous Karunaratna brothers are currently competing in Norway and Scotland in hat may be their last tour for the country for quite some time if the SLBA doesn’t fix things before the end of the year. If the issue remains unresolved by the deadline it will be Sri Lanka’s first ever fatality in the history of participating at the Commonwealth Games.

Similar fates for the Karunaratna Brothers

Leaders of the badminton community in Sri Lanka, Niluka and Dinuka Karanaratna faced, what could be…

Other national teams that will be flying to the Gold Coast next year are Tennis, Athletics, Para-sports, Swimming, Diving, Boxing, Cycling, Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, Wrestling, weightlifting, Rugby, Shooting and of course Badminton (Pending)