Western Province Seven’s Fixtures Released!

Western Province Seven

The Western Province Rugby Football Union (WPRFU) has organized the 2018 edition of the Western Province 7’s rugby competition for its member clubs on the 23rd of this month at Police Park.

All the leading ‘A’ Division Clubs in the Western Province as well as Development Clubs will take part in the tournament to win themselves some silverware ahead of the upcoming Dialog Rugby League.

24 group stage matches will be played before the knock-out stages approach. Despite playing the finals under lights in the previous years, this year the tournament is scheduled to end earlier than usual. Proceedings will kick start at 8.30am and will go on till the final game which is set to be played at 5.20pm.

To ensure that there will not be a disparity in the level of competition; teams will be segmented into two categories. One will be the ‘Elite’ category which will include the main teams of all ‘A’ division clubs, and the second & third string teams of the ‘A’ Division clubs. The second category will be the ‘Development’ tournament that will include member clubs that don’t participate in the Top division of SLR competitions. Hence, the top teams will play for the Cup, whilst the other teams battle it out for the Bowl and Shield.

Top Division Clubs Development Clubs
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F
Navy  (A)1Field Force 1Havelocks1CR &FC 1Malay C C 1Old Wesly
Police 2Airforce (A)2Army (A)2CH&FC (A)2Panadura 2Peterson
Army (B)3CH&FC (B)3Navy (B)3Airforce (B)3Puffings  3Black Hawkes
4Old Kann4Old Bens
Time Team  Score VsTeam  Score   
8.30amA1Navy  (A)  A3Army (B)    
8.45amB1Field Force   B3CH&FC (B)    
09.00amC1Havelocks  C3Navy (B)    
09.15amD1CR &FC   D3Airforce (B)    
09.30amE1Malay C C   E2Panadura     
09.45am E3Puffings    E4Old Kann    
10.00amF1Old Wesly   F2Peterson     
10.15am F3Black Hawkes  F4Old Bens     
10.30am A2Police   A3Army (B)    
10.45amB2Airforce (A)  B3CH&FC (B)    
11.00amC2Army (A)  C3Navy (B)    
11.15amD2CH&FC (A)  D3Airforce (B)    
11.30amE1Malay C C   E3Puffings      
11.45amE2Panadura   E4Old Kann    
12.00am F1Old Wesly   F3Black Hawkes    
12.15pmF2Peterson   F4Old Bens     
12.30pmA1Navy  (A)  A2Police     
12.45pmB1Field Force   B2Airforce (A)    
01.00pm C1Havelocks  C2Army (A)    
01.15pmD1CR &FC   D2CH&FC (A)    
01.30pmE1Malay C C   E4Old Kann    
01.45pmE2Panadura   E3Puffings      
02.00pmF1Old Wesly   F4Old Bens     
02.15pmF2Panadura   F3Black Hawkes    
02.30pmTD  A/Gr/Run/ Up TD  B/Gr/Run/ Up  Bowl S/M
02.45pmTD  C/Gr/Run/ upTD  D/Gr/Run/Up Bowl S/M
03.00pmTD  A/Gr LeaderTD  B/Gr Leader CUP S/M
03.20pmTD  C/Gr LeaderTD  D/Gr Leader CUP S/M
03.40pmDC  E/GR/3rdDC  f/GR/3rd Bowl Final
04.00pmDC  E/Gr/2nd DC  f/Gr/2nd  Plate Final
04,20pmDC  E/Gr/1st DC  F/Gr/1st Cup Final
04.40pmTD  M/No25 Winner TD  M/No26 Winner Bowl Final
05.00pmTD  M/No27LooserTD  M/No28 Looser Plate Final
05.20pmTD  M/No27Winner TD  M/No28 Winner Cup Final

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