Shock defeats follow Sri Lanka U18 women’s

Asia Rugby U18 Women’s Championship

Sri Lankan girls U18’s after having secured a thumping win over Bangladesh found themselves to blame after two shocking defeats to UAE and India. 4 yellow cards resulted in Sri Lanka’s defeats having to play with one player down for 2 minute periods.

In the first game against UAE, the junior lady tuskers found themselves trailing 10-0 at half-time after letting in two easy tries in the corners. The junior tuskers were guilty of leaving a tad too much of space for the wingers to out burn them in pace.

Half Time: Sri Lanka 00-10(2T) UAE 

However they came back strong with two quick tries to cut down the deficit to just a mere three points at 15-12. Two yellow cards on either sides of the half time break left Sri Lanka stranded as UAE went on their merry way to end 27-12 at the end of the full time whistle.

Full Time: Sri Lanka 12(2T 1C)-27(5T 1C) UAE

Score Breakdown 
Sri Lanka : Devmi Rajapakshe (T) , Sachinthani Sandanika (1T), Nirasha Samanthika (1C)
UAE : Fatma Alblooshi (1T), Keianne Nagle (1T), Lauren Astle (1T), Celine Sloane (1T), Helen Soeans (TT), Alexandra Kane (1C)

In their third game against India, Sri Lanka yet again managed to get themselves another two yellow cards in both halves. India eventually managed to game 24-15.

India went into the lead after the yellow card never surrendering the lead to be at 7-5 at Half time. Sweety Kumari had a brilliant game with all 4 tries being scored by her. He ran around the Sri Lankan defense with plenty of space open.

Half Time: Sri Lanka 05(1T) – 07(1T 1C) India

In the second half too India accelerated from the kick off scoring a further three more tries in quick succession to the two tries scored by Sri Lanka. Yet again the girls were guilty of leaving space at the wings for the Indian girls to exploit.

Full Time: Sri Lanka 15(3T) – 24(4T 2C) India
Score Breakdown
Sri Lanka : Umayangana Thathsarani (1T), Devmi Rajapakshe (1T), Krishani Lakshika (1T) 
India: Sweeth Kumari (4T), Sandya Rai (2C)