The Colombo Super League basketball matches continued as All Greens ‘A’ faced off against Don Bosco at the Police Park basketball courts. Don Bosco emerged victorious in a one-sided affair with a final score of 70-21.

Don Bosco started off the game taking control of the jump ball and managed to draw first blood after a couple of attempts. Don Bosco managed to secure an early lead taking advantage of fast breaks while the All Greens struggled to get their shots to connect. Neither team managed to secure any offensive rebounds resulting in a lack of second shot opportunities. The Dons, however, managed to lead by 12 points at the end of the first quarter.

First Quarter: Don Bosco-16 All Greens- 4

Photo Album – Colombo Super League (25.01.2018)

The Dons continued to penetrate the defense and finish strong near the rim while the All Greens struggled to find space to shoot through the Don Bosco man to man defense. The All Greens were slow to recover after an offensive attempt allowing Don Bosco to increase the deficit even further while the All Greens struggled to get a double-digit score at the end of the first half.

Half-time: Don Bosco-34 All Greens- 9

During the third quarter of the game, the All Greens managed to secure a few rebounds yet they still struggled to make their jump shots connect as it didn’t seem to be their day. It began to seem like a one-sided affair as the All Green defense failed to stop the Don Bosco fast breaks allowing them to continue dominating the scoreboard into the final quarter of the game.

Third-Quarter: Don Bosco-49 All Greens- 14

During the final 10 minutes of the game, Don Bosco took a couple of shots from the perimeter to further increase the substantial lead they had gained. The All Greens took advantage of a couple of opportunities near the line they received due to Don Bosco’s high foul count. During the final few minutes of the game the All Greens attempted to reduce the deficit through 3 pointers although any attempts at turning the tables were futile as they trailed by 49 points.

Full-time: Don Bosco-70 All Greens- 21

Speaking to the coach of the Don Bosco team he had this to say to ThePapare after their victory: “We had the advantage from having more experience than the other team which made a big difference on the court as well our aggressive defensive strategy which allowed us to maintain control of the game.”