The Sugathadasa stadium was host to two intense women’s division matches, of the Colombo Super League, as the Air Force team took on the Track Masters and the Army SC team took on the Contenders. At the end of the day, the Air Force team and the Contenders emerged victorious.

Colombo Super League (20.02.2018)

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Air Force vs Track Masters

The Air Force team took a slim victory against the Track Masters with a final score line of 59-57 as they managed to outscore their opponents by a mere basket going into full-time. Sulochana Ranalgoda was the highest point scorer for the Air Force team scoring 17 points, while Kumaranel Silva scored 21 points for the Track Masters, being their key offensive player.

The Track Masters started things off and secured a substantial lead of 09 points by the end of the first quarter, although they failed to maintain it, as the Air Force team settled into the game during the second quarter and turned the tables on the Track Masters team leading by 01 going into lemons. The game was full of twists as both teams took turns at taking the lead although towards the final few minutes of the game, the Air Force team managed to maintain a slim advantage to take honours against the Track Masters.

Full-time: Air Force- 59 Track Masters-57

Army SC vs Contenders

The second game of the day was between the Contenders and Army SC in which the Contenders managed to maintain control of the scoreboard throughout the game and breezed through to victory with a score line of 65- 48. Keyasha Siriwardana was the highest point scorer for the Army team securing 19 points while the contenders key offensive player was Natasha Perera securing 23 points.

The Contenders managed to dominate on both sides of the court, in both offensive and defensive plays. The Army team failed to stop the Contenders jump shots and as a result, they began to trail behind with the deficit increasing in every quarter. Army SC attempted to cover the deficit with a few shots from beyond the perimeter but they failed to turn the tables in time as they were trailing by 17 points at the sound of the final buzzer.

Full-time: Army SC- 48 Contenders- 65