Colombo Super League 2017 (CSL17) conducted by the Colombo District Basketball Association, tipped off at the Hendry Pedris Stadium. Starting the tournament off, three “C” division games were played where All Green ‘B’ and Ananda Kings recorded maiden wins.

All Greens ‘B’ vs University of Colombo (UOC)

Even though UOC won the jump ball, it was All Greens who drew first blood. Getting off to a solid start, All Greens went on to score 15 points during the maiden quarter. However, UOC only replied with 08 points as the All Greens defence held the game together.  Second quarter was no good for UOC, failing to add a single point on the board. Lamaz Kottage and Padme Weerasinghe went on to score 16 points each for All Greens, increasing the lead and comfortably stepping into lemons.

Half Time:  All Greens ‘B’ – 31 University of Colombo – 08

UOC did make a comeback into the game during the third quarter but the lack of consistency affected the result of the game. Adith Pushpitha added 10 points for All Greens during the penultimate quarter while UOC topped up with 05 points. It was an easy first win for All Greens, breezing through the opposition with a 30 points lead.

Full Time: All Greens ‘B’ – 58 University of Colombo –  28

Photo Album – Colombo Super League 2017 – Day 1

Ananda Kings Vs Royal Basketball Club ‘B’

Ananda Kings first possession was spent in vain failing to swing the score-board. Both teams adopted an aggressive playing style with tight defensive strategies. Ananda Kings managed to score 09 points for the first quarter. Leon Fembeck scored 05 points for the Royalists.

During the second quarter, Ananda Kings created many fast break opportunities, intercepting many passes and converted them successfully to increase the deficit. Ananda Kings only added a couple of points in the second quarter as they stepped into half – time with a 13-point deficit.

Half Time: Ananda Kings – 20 Royal Basketball Club ‘B’ – 07

During the second half of the game Sanju Jayarathne of Ananda Kings penetrated through the RC defence to finish strong near the rim.  However, RC switched into a full court press to reduce the deficit and to exert pressure on the opposition. RC players lacked the assists to find the perfect execution of their offensive line-ups.

Full Time: Ananda Kings – 41 Royal Basketball Club ‘B’ – 22

The third match was played between Old Lasalians v Ligers. Ligers outsmarted the Old Lasalians winning the game at full time. Full time scores read, 45-62.