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Sri Lanka Emerging falls short by 28 runs

SL-E team tour of South Africa 2019 | 1st Unofficial Test


Starting the fourth and final day of the 1st Unofficial Test against South Africa Emerging team, Sri Lanka Emerging were a cool camp at 144 for 1, chasing 330 runs for victory at Potchefstroom.

Close of play on day-three – SA Emerging 382/10 (99.2) | SL Emerging 230/9 (57) & 145/1 (40)

In a rather surprising manner, Sri Lanka Emerging team put themselves in a commanding position in the game. Following a sloppy first half of the game, they fought back strongly to enter into the game again. The first two days of the game looked heavily one-sided. The hosts roasted the Islanders on their way to 382 runs in the first innings and got rid of them quite comfortably for 241 runs. 

But Sri Lanka bowled out the hosts for 189 runs in the second innings taking them by surprise courtesy of a Lasith Embuldeniya’s fifer. They added to it with a brilliant start to the chase. Lankan top three scored 144 runs by the end of day-three.

Yet another fifer for Embuldeniya in South Africa

Sri Lanka Emerging team slipped away from the jaws of defeat and put themselves ahead of thE….

With 186 runs for victory, Sri Lanka had Minod Bhanuka and Pathum Nissanka at the centre on 80 and 25 runs respectively. Bhanuka was dismissed in the third over of the day by Tladi Bokako. Bhanuka batted exceptionally well for 89 runs but was beaten by the extra pace of Bokako and edged one to the wicket keeper. 

Nissanka built his innings slowly from thereon but the other end stumbled. Captain Charith Asalanka and Ashen Bandara departed without making an impression. Nissanka too lost his composure as he fell next at 47 runs, again nicking it to the keeper. 

Kamindu Mendis got a good start to his innings but failed to convert it into a big knock. He was out LBW for 17 runs off Nandre Burger. 

Day 2 Report: Batting collapse puts SL Emerging behind SA Emerging on day 2

Chamika Karunaratne who was having a poor game slipped deep into it as he was also trapped in front of his stumps for just 10 runs. 

The middle-order failed terribly in the chase. They couldn’t capitalise on the start they got from the top three resulting in a disappointing defeat for Sri Lanka. Except for the partnerships built around the first two wickets, Sri Lanka lacked it largely. 

Fast-bowler Mohammad Shiraz produced an unexpected knock down the order taking Sri Lanka closer to the winning line. He scored a valiant 49 runs coming in at no.9. 

Day 1 Report: Tough day at work for SL Emerging in South Africa

In fact, Sri Lanka looked as if they would go past the line comfortably when Nishan Peiris and Mohammad Shiraz were putting up a spirited partnership for the 8th wicket. Their 58-run stand came to an end with Nishan Peiris being bowled for 25 runs. 

Bokako and Burger ran through Sri Lankan batting line-up with 3 wickets each to pull the game back towards the Proteas. Sri Lanka were eventually bowled out for 302 runs, 28 runs short of their target, but the fight was praiseworthy. 

South Africa Emerging takes 1-0 lead in the series after winning the first of the two unofficial Tests scheduled in Sri Lanka Emerging team’s tour to South Africa.

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Sri Lanka Emerging Team
241/10 (60.5) & 302/10 (94.1)
South Africa Emerging Team
382/10 (99.2) & 189/10 (39.4)
Janneman Malan b Mohamed Shiraz759312180.65
Matthew Breetzke c Minod Bhanuka b Chamika Karunarathne11418710060.96
Raynard van Tonder c Kamindu Mendis b Asitha Fernando691176058.97
Jason Smith c Mohamed Shiraz b Lasith Embuldeniya112008.33
Sibonelo Makhanya c Minod Bhanuka b Nishan Peiris22422052.38
Sinethemba Qeshile b Lasith Embuldeniya20343058.82
Dayyaan Galiem lbw b Mohamed Shiraz28434065.12
Kyle Simmonds lbw b Nishan Peiris4170023.53
M Jansen c Charith Asalanka b Lasith Embuldeniya380037.50
Nandre Burger c Pathum Nissanka b Asitha Fernando9421021.43
Tladi Bokako not out14621233.33
Extras23 (b 10 , lb 8 , nb 5, w 0, pen 0)
Total382/10 (99.2 Overs, RR: 3.85)
Fall of Wickets 1-145 (33.1) Janneman Malan, 2-259 (61.6) Matthew Breetzke, 3-266 (64.5) Jason Smith, 4-288 (69.6) Raynard van Tonder, 5-318 (78.2) Sibonelo Makhanya, 6-328 (81.1) Sinethemba Qeshile, 7-339 (86.2) Kyle Simmonds, 8-348 (89.3) M Jansen, 9-368 (96.6) Dayyaan Galiem, 10-382 (99.2) Nandre Burger,
Asitha Fernando18.236323.46
Mohamed Shiraz1546324.20
Lasith Embuldeniya31212033.87
Chamika Karunarathne1114013.64
Nishan Peiris2418223.42
Minod Bhanuka c Raynard van Tonder b Kyle Simmonds01000.00
Hasitha Boyagoda lbw b Kyle Simmonds40527076.92
Pathum Nissanka lbw b Tladi Bokako7510140.00
Charith Asalanka b Kyle Simmonds56846266.67
Ashen Bandara c Nandre Burger b Kyle Simmonds10141071.43
Kamindu Mendis lbw b M Jansen33545061.11
Chamika Karunarathne b Nandre Burger27495055.10
Nishan Peiris not out52568292.86
Lasith Embuldeniya lbw b M Jansen02000.00
Asitha Fernando b Nandre Burger011000.00
Mohamed Shiraz c & b Nandre Burger12372032.43
Extras4 (b 1 , lb 3 , nb 0, w 0, pen 0)
Total241/10 (60.5 Overs, RR: 3.96)
Fall of Wickets 1-0 (0.1) Minod Bhanuka, 2-7 (1.2) Pathum Nissanka, 3-89 (16.5) Hasitha Boyagoda, 4-111 (24.1) Ashen Bandara, 5-116 (28.3) Charith Asalanka, 6-176 (42.6) Chamika Karunarathne, 7-176 (43.1) Kamindu Mendis, 8-176 (43.3) Lasith Embuldeniya, 9-185 (46.6) Asitha Fernando, 10-241 (60.5) Mohamed Shiraz,
Kyle Simmonds1948844.63
Tladi Bokako502414.80
Nandre Burger13.535834.30
M Jansen1483222.29
Dayyaan Galiem812803.50
Matthew Breetzke10707.00
Janneman Malan c Nishan Peiris b Asitha Fernando120050.00
Matthew Breetzke lbw b Lasith Embuldeniya14351040.00
Jason Smith b Lasith Embuldeniya2110018.18
Sibonelo Makhanya c Minod Bhanuka b Lasith Embuldeniya5410125.00
Sinethemba Qeshile lbw b Chamika Karunarathne31387081.58
Raynard van Tonder lbw b Nishan Peiris17481035.42
Dayyaan Galiem lbw b Lasith Embuldeniya03000.00
Kyle Simmonds c Minod Bhanuka b Asitha Fernando504452113.64
M Jansen b Lasith Embuldeniya494472111.36
Nandre Burger c Hasitha Boyagoda b Asitha Fernando161220133.33
Tladi Bokako not out00000.00
Extras4 (b 0 , lb 1 , nb 3, w 0, pen 0)
Total189/10 (39.4 Overs, RR: 4.76)
Fall of Wickets 1-2 (0.5) Janneman Malan, 2-14 (5.1) Jason Smith, 3-20 (5.6) Sibonelo Makhanya, 4-29 (9.6) Matthew Breetzke, 5-62 (18.4) Sinethemba Qeshile, 6-63 (19.4) Dayyaan Galiem, 7-86 (25.2) Raynard van Tonder, 8-151 (34.6) Kyle Simmonds, 9-183 (38.6) Nandre Burger, 10-189 (39.4) M Jansen,
Asitha Fernando904735.22
Lasith Embuldeniya15.427454.81
Chamika Karunarathne621612.67
Mohamed Shiraz301204.00
Nishan Peiris603916.50

Hasitha Boyagoda c Sibonelo Makhanya b Kyle Simmonds33497067.35
Minod Bhanuka c Sinethemba Qeshile b Tladi Bokako8913412066.42
Pathum Nissanka c Sinethemba Qeshile b Dayyaan Galiem471173140.17
Charith Asalanka b M Jansen9170052.94
Ashen Bandara c Sinethemba Qeshile b Tladi Bokako160016.67
Kamindu Mendis lbw b Nandre Burger17312054.84
Chamika Karunarathne lbw b Nandre Burger10221045.45
Nishan Peiris b Nandre Burger25572043.86
Mohamed Shiraz c Sinethemba Qeshile b M Jansen49967051.04
Lasith Embuldeniya c Sinethemba Qeshile b Tladi Bokako7351020.00
Asitha Fernando not out04000.00
Extras15 (b 8 , lb 4 , nb 3, w 0, pen 0)
Total302/10 (94.1 Overs, RR: 3.21)
Fall of Wickets 1-74 (15.6) Hasitha Boyagoda, 2-159 (42.3) Minod Bhanuka, 3-170 (47.1) Charith Asalanka, 4-173 (48.6) Ashen Bandara, 5-201 (57.2) Pathum Nissanka, 6-207 (60.6) Kamindu Mendis, 7-214 (62.5) Chamika Karunarathne, 8-272 (80.6) Nishan Peiris, 9-302 (93.2) Mohamed Shiraz, 10-302 (94.1) Lasith Embuldeniya,
Nandre Burger1673832.38
Tladi Bokako21.147033.32
Dayyaan Galiem1523712.47
M Jansen1725823.41
Kyle Simmonds2207413.36
Sibonelo Makhanya301304.33